Learn About the Culture of Korean Food

Learn About the Culture of Korean Food

Apart from K-Pop, K-Dramas, cosmetic products, tech giants, and its stunning country itself, another fascinating aspect of South Korea is its food culture! The nation has a unique and rich taste in terms of food, bringing many popular dishes, such as kimchi, bibimbap, kimbap, Korean barbecue, and delicious hot pots and soups … Read more

Top Korean Street Food You Must Try


Any visitor in South Korea is astonished by the variety, affordability, and amazing tastes of the treats available in its streets. Indeed, Korea is a haven for street food and these gastronomical delights are a significant part of their pop and food culture.  You can easily spot vendors selling them on streets, … Read more

Top Must Try Korean Foods

Picture of stir fried pork with korean sauce and korean cuisine in the background

Korean cuisines embody a harmony of colorful flavors and nutrition. It represents the Korean culture that welcomes daring fusions for delicious food. From the fiery fermented Kimchi to the creamy Samgyetang and the stir-fried Japchae: there are several Korean foods to try. Let us have a look at the top must-try Korean … Read more

Can You Use Cheese in Every Korean Dish ─ 8 Must-Try Korean Dishes

Korea’s food is famous due to its diversity in taste and flavor. The dishes vary from spicy to sweet and savory, from light meals to heavy meat dishes, from drinks to unique desserts. Altogether, Korean food is considered unbelievably delightful with a delicious taste. If you love the spicy and unique taste, … Read more

Common Ingredients in Korean Foods

gochujang used in bibimbap

Korean cuisine is made up of savory, spicy, and sweet dishes that offer plenty of variety on the dining table. Despite having different tastes and flavors, most Korean dishes often use the same ingredients, and they are just mixed and matched together to form a new flavor for numerous kinds of Korean … Read more

The Amazing History of Korean Cuisine

The Amazing History of Korean Cuisine

From the earliest known pottery makers of 8,000 BC, through the evolution of city-states and kingdoms from scattered tribal villages and nomadic barbarians, to modern day civilization, Korea has a very rich and colorful history that spans thousands of years. The earliest peoples of the Korean peninsula were small bands of hunter-gatherers, … Read more


Common Name: Fish Cake, odaeng, eomuk 오댕 / 어묵 Korean fishcake is made from ground fish and wheat flour formed into rectangular sheets (or other shapes), and then baked. Fishcake is usually served as a stir fried side dish or used in soups or stir fries. Recipes Using This Ingredient Snack/Appetizer/Dessert – … Read more

Onions, green, spring or scallions (includes tops and bulb), raw

Common Name: Scallions, pa, green onion 파 Recipes Using This Ingredient Ban Chan – Pajeon (Korean Green Onion Pancake) Ban Chan – Haemul Pajeon (Korean Seafood Pancake) Ban Chan – Kimchi Buchim (Kimchi Pancake) Royal Cuisine – Yuk Hoe (Seasoned Raw Beef) Soups & Stocks – Yukejon (Korean Spicy Beef Soup) Soups … Read more


Common Name: Kombu 다시마 Kelp Used in soups, broths, and as a seasoning. Recipes Using This Ingredient Soups & Stocks – Dasima – Korean Anchovy and Kelp stock Soups & Stocks – White Prawn and Mussel Soup (Saeuhonghaptang) Ban Chan – Pickled Daikon Slices Snack/Appetizer/Dessert – Deokbokki (Tteokbokki) – Spicy Stir Fried … Read more