Knives should fit your hand comfortably, be light enough for repetitive use, yet heavy enough to do the job. Forged carbon steel is generally best, but there are some very good lower cost stamped blades.  Whatever the quality of the knife, having it sharpened by a knife sharpening service will make the knife as sharp as it can be and will make sure it can cut though any vegetables or meat very easily.

Santoku Style chef’s knife 7″ to 10″. The slightly rounded edge is excellant for mincing and dicing. Great for slicing meats and vegetables.

Vegetable Cleaver for chopping sturdy vegetables.

Heavy Meat/Bone Cleaver for working with large or bone in cuts of meat. (Neck bones, ribs, etc) Also great for chopping through large vegetables like Korean radish.

3″- 4″ Paring Knife. Perfect for cutting fruits, vegetables, things you hold in your hand. Buy a good quality paring knife that feels right in your hand.