Measuring Method

Recommended Utensils

For volume measuring it is recommended that you have two sets of measuring spoons & “cups”, one for dry measure, and one for liquid measure

Each set should consist of individual “cups” in common sizes (ie 1/4 cup, 1/2 cup, 1 cup, 2 cups, etc)

The set for liquid measure should be transparent and graduated in both ounces and liter / milliliters.

Powder ingredients

To measure powder ingredients such as flour, scoop it out removing lumps, and level the surface without pressing down.

Liquid ingredients

To measure liquid ingredients such as oil, soy sauce, water or vinegar, use transparent cups. Because liquids have surface tension, measure them with measuring cups or spoons after filling them up to the edge, or for more accuracy, read the measurement at the bottom line of meniscus of the liquid.

Solid ingredients

To measure a solid ingredient such as soybean paste or minced meat, fill a measuring cup or spoon and level the surface.

Granular ingredients

To measure granular ingredients such as rice, red beans, black pepper or sesame seeds, fill the measuring cup or spoon and shake it gently to level the surface.

Thick ingredients

To measure thick ingredients such as red pepper paste, pack the ingredient into the measuring cup or spoon and level the surface with a straight-edged tool.


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