Kimchi – Pickled Fermented Vegetable


Alternate Spellings: Gimchi, Kimchee, Gimchee, Kim chi, Kim chee, Gim chee, Gim chi

Any of a variety of salt-pickled, seasoned, and fermented vegetables.

Napa Cabbage kimchi is the most common type of kimchi and is made by soaking Chinese cabbage and white radish in salt water, then mixing it with red chili pepper powder, green onions, garlic, ginger and fish sauce. The kimchi acquires its strong flavor during the fermentation process.

Cucumber, Korean radish, chili pepper leaves, shiso, green onions, and chives are used in other common types of kimchi.

Napa Cabbage Kimchi

Source: hannaone and the Korean Food Guide in English (Ed. The Korea Foundation, Cookand, 2003) ISBN: 89-89782-10-4