Common Name: dalgyal


Chicken Eggs are used in many soups, as garnish for many dishes, fried, boiled, and used in omelets.

When fried, eggs are usually cooked with a broken yolk to an “over hard” state.

Recipes Using This Ingredient

Snack/Appetizer/Dessert – Beoseotjeon (Korean Stuffed Mushrooms)

Bi Bim Bap – Korean Mixed Rice Dish

Fusion – Chicken Cutlet (dakkaseu 닭까스)

Recipe – Chop Che

Ban Chan – Daegujeon (Breaded cod filets) 대구전

Recipe – Daehajjim/Saeujjim (Stuffed Shrimp)

Recipe – Deep-Fried Prawns (대하튀김 daeha twigim) Version 1

Snack/Appetiser/Dessert – Dubujeon 두부전 – Pan-fried Tofu

Snack/Appetiser/Dessert – Dubuseon 두부선- Fancy Steamed Tofu

Royal Cuisine – Palbochae Eight Treasures Dish 팔보채

Recipes – Bokkum Bop (Korean Fried Rice)

Ban Chan – Pan-Fried Egg Plant Version 1 (가지전 Gajijeon)

Ban Chan – Pan-Fried Egg Plant (가지전 Gajijeon).Version 2

Ban Chan – Gogi Jeon (Soegogi Jeon)

Royal Cuisine – Gujeolpan (Wraps with Eight Stuffings ) A Korean Royal Dish

Ban Chan – Gyeranmalyee Korean rolled Omelette 계란 말이

Ban Chan – Haemul Pajeon (Korean Seafood Pancake)

Ban Chan – Pan-Fried Zucchini Version 1 호박전 Hobakjeon

Ban Chan – Pan-Fried Zucchini 호박전 Hobakjeon Version 2

Fusion – Kimchi Burger

Ban Chan – Kimchi Buchim (Kimchi Pancake)

Recipes – Kimchi Omelet Rice Recipe (Omu Rice)

Snack/Appetiser/Dessert – Mandu (Korean Dumpling)

Snack/Appetiser/Dessert – Grilled Meat Balls

Soups & Stocks – Mul Naengmyeon

Recipes – Ojingeo Soondae (Squid Sausage)

Snack/Appetiser/Dessert – Ojingeo Tuigim (Fried squid)

Snack/Appetizer/Desert – Paengee beoseot jeon 팽이버섯전(Pan Fried Enoki Mushrooms)

Ban Chan – Korean Style Potato Salad

Ban Chan – Saengseonjeon (Pan Fried Fish Patties)

Royal Cuisine – Sinseollo – Food of the Mountain Gods

Ban Chan – Soy Sauce Beef and Egg

Snack/Appetiser/Dessert – Ya chae Twiggim (Korean Deep Fried Vegetables)

Soups & Stocks – Yukejon (Korean Spicy Beef Soup)

Soups & Stocks – Yukejon (Korean Spicy Beef Soup) Quick Version

Royal Cuisine – Yuk Hoe (Seasoned Raw Beef)