Common Name: Korean Mint, Shiso, Korean Sesame, Wild Sesame Leaves


Often mistranslated as Wild Sesame Leaves, kkaennip is an important ingredient in many Korean dishes.

Fresh leaves have an aroma similar to apples and mint, and are used in salads, as wraps for rice and meat, some varieties of Kimchi, and in some soups and stews.


Source: Sugiyama Food Composition Database

Recipes Using This Ingredient

Ban Chan – Perilla Kimchi (Kkaennip Kimchi)

Fusion – Spicy Beef Salad

Soups and Stocks – Gamjatang – Pork Neckbone and Potato Soup 감자탕

Ban Chan – Sangchu Geotjeori (Baby Lettuce Salad 상추겉절이)