Guide to Watercress

watercress, chives, and butter on top of the bread

Watercress is a vegetable that’s native to Eurasia. This aquatic leafy vegetable grows in the shallow water of streams and is a Brassicaceae (mustard) family member. Ancient Romans used to dress raw watercress with cumin, garum (fermented fish sauce, and pepper, proving that the vegetable is one of the oldest salad greens. It’s also … Read more

15 Essential Korean Cuisine Ingredients

Korean cuisine is diverse, as it has hundreds of dishes that use different kinds of ingredients. Despite being known as a “spicy” cuisine, Korean cuisine is actually more than just its kimchi and spicy “ramyun” or noodle soup dish because there are also dishes that aren’t spicy but are still rich in … Read more


Common Name: Barley malt flour 엿기름 가루 Barley Malt Flour (Powder) Barley Malt powder is grain that has been allowed to ferment, then dried and ground. This ingredient can be fine or coarse (flaked) ground Used in many applications including shikhye and red pepper paste.

Radishes, Young Summer

Common Name: Young Summer Radish, Yeolmu yeolmu – young summer radish 열무 A smaller variety of the Korean radish with a sharp but somewhat sweet taste, young summer radish is often used to make a variety of whole plant (leaves and root) kimchi. Korean radish is used raw in a variety of … Read more

Wasabi Oil – Shirakiku Brand

Common Name: Wasabi Oil 고추 냉이 기름 – gochu naeng-i gileum Provides a quick flavorful heat that dissipates quickly without a lingering burn. Use in dressings, sandwich spreads, dips, sauces, as a finishing oil for stir fried dishes. Ingredients: Rapeseed oil, mustard oil, wasabi

Ueong, raw

우엉 Burdock Root An important vegetable in Asia. It lends an interesting, earthy flavor to soups, stews, or stir-fried dishes. Select small, firm roots. Substitutes: salsify OR asparagus OR artichoke hearts.


쑥갓 – ssukgat Common names: chop-suey-green, crown daisy, garland chrysanthemum, Japanese-green A leafy, aromatic herb. In Korea, Chrysanthemum leaves are steamed or par-boiled and used as greens in ban chan dishes, or in soups, stews, or “hotpots” The plant is delicate and easy to overcook and so is added at the end … Read more

Squid, Dried

Common Name: Dried Squid, Ojingeochae 오징어채

Spinach, raw

Common Name: Spinach, Sigeumchi 시금치 Used for side dishes, in soups, or as an ingredient in a main dish. Recipes Using This Ingredient Bi Bim Bap – Korean Mixed Rice Dish Recipe – Chop Che Ban Chan – Shigimchi Namul Soups & Stocks – Spinach Soup – Shigeumchiguk Royal Cuisine – Japchae … Read more