Weight Equivalents

Looking at recipes and trying to determine how much of an ingredient is needed can be hard. How much is a bunch? How many eggs in a cup? How many onions to a cup? Garlic to a tablespoon?

While the information presented here is not a complete reference, nor is it a definitive answer, hopefully it will provide a useful starting point and be of some assistance.

This reference section shows average size and weights (U.S.) for a variety of Fruits, Vegetables, and other food items.

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Information contained in this refence is based on data contained in the USDA Nutritonal data base.
Sizes, measurements, and weights shown are National Averages (U.S.) based on USDA grading guidelines for COMMERCIAL products.
Produce and foods purchased from Farmers Markets, Specialty Stores, Ethnic Markets, and Private farms/persons may vary significantly from the National Average (U.S.).
Most ingredient amounts/quantities for Recipes contained in Mass Market Published cook books (general cooking) are based on commercially available products that are graded according to USDA grading guidelines.
Ingredient amounts/quantities in Ethnic cookbook recipes may or may not be based on the USDA grading guidelines.