7 Healthy delivery foods that aren’t salad

It’s no secret that proper nutrition can be difficult to achieve while living in a fast-paced world. Finding time to stop and prepare healthy meals can be tricky, ensuring they contain all the essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Delivery services provide an easy way out – but often restrict you to greasy pizzas, fries, and salads. But what if we told you there were some delivery foods out there that are nutritious and delicious?

In this article, we’ll share seven great delivery foods that will make you take advantage of your daily dose of greens. So read on for some exciting meal options which will help get you closer to achieving your health goals without sacrificing those more indulgent cravings.

Burrito bowls

Try a burrito bowl if you’re looking for a delicious, healthy takeout option. This hearty meal combines all the flavors of a traditional burrito without worrying about tortilla wrapping. Packed with protein and fresh vegetables, these flavorful combinations create a satisfying meal. You must pick your favorite ingredients or let the chef’s imagination be your guide.

Whether you choose grilled chicken, beef, fish, or tofu as your protein, they will all be flavorful while keeping calories and fat in mind. Top it off with crunchy vegetables and savory sauces; it’s sure to be an excellent and nutritious meal that won’t leave you feeling heavy and bloated afterward. Enjoy food delivery without compromising health goals – try a burrito bowl today https://mealmatchmaker.com/.


Edamame is not just a healthy snack to munch on while at home; it’s also a delicious and nutritious ingredient in delivery dishes. Anemic? Need some energy? Craving the taste of the sea? Edamame can provide all the benefits and flavors you need. For those health-conscious foodies, edamame makes your delivery food experience a guilt-free pleasure.

Edamame is packed with protein and fiber and has been shown to reduce high cholesterol levels and promote better brain function. Transform your lunch or dinner today by adding a side of edamame – it’s sure to be an enjoyable twist to any dish.


If you’re looking for a quick and healthy meal that is as delicious as it is convenient, look no further than stir-fries. With the ability to customize your ingredients, these dishes are a great way to get all your essential vitamins and minerals in each meal. Delivery stir-fries provide a sweeter side to Chinese cuisine that does not sacrifice flavor.

From chicken stir-fry, beef stir-fry, shrimp stir-fry, and much more explore the various options available for delivery and enjoy this healthier version of Chinese cuisine without ever having to leave home.


The versatile wrap is an excellent alternative to those boring salads typically associated with delivery. Whether you choose chicken, beef, or vegetables, wraps can provide the same deliciousness without leaving you feeling bloated afterward.

Unlike most sandwiches, wraps contain fewer carbs due to their lack of breading. Plus, they’re much easier to eat on the go – making them an excellent option for those days when you don’t even have time to sit down and eat. Enjoy variety in your delivery options with wraps, and get creative with the endless combinations available.

Veggie burgers

Veggie burgers make a delicious alternative to the traditional fast food burger for vegetarians and meat lovers alike. Packed with plant-based protein and delicious flavors, veggie burgers are a great way to satisfy those cravings for something more indulgent without compromising health goals.

As a bonus, most restaurants also offer gluten-free options, so you can enjoy all the goodness of a veggie burger without worrying about gluten sensitivities. So, indulge in a guilt-free burger for your next takeout order and enjoy the health benefits of a plant-based meal.

Grilled sandwiches 

Do you often crave a sandwich but want to avoid indulging in too much bread? Grilled sandwiches are the perfect solution, and these deliciously healthier alternatives provide all the same flavors without weighing you down afterward.

Grilled sandwiches are made with whole wheat or sprouted grain bread, which contains more fiber and protein than their regular white counterparts. Plus, when you opt for grilled sandwich delivery, you can choose from various delicious toppings to make your sandwich even more indulgent without feeling guilty afterward.

Hummus and pita

Loved the world over, hummus and pita make an excellent delivery dish when you want something light yet satisfying. Not only is this Mediterranean dish delicious, but it is also packed with protein and dietary fiber. Plus, its low-calorie content makes for a perfect snack or meal that won’t leave you feeling weighed down afterward.

Hummus and pita are excellent options for gluten sensitivities as they are naturally gluten-free. Enjoy this delicious Mediterranean dish as your next delivery meal without worrying about compromising your health goals.


Whether you’re looking for something light and healthy or more indulgent meal options, plenty of delivery foods will stay on track with your diet. From stir-fries and wraps to grilled sandwiches and hummus with pita, there are plenty of delicious options for you to choose from regarding healthy delivery foods.