5 Best Asian Seafood Dishes

Asian food is enjoyed worldwide, and one of the finest delicacies of this cuisine is seafood. Here we’ve gathered the five best Asian dishes from the ocean for you to either make at home or try next time you’re enjoying a meal out.

The best way to enjoy fish is always going to be fresh. If you want to get a fully authentic experience,

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These fish balls are found predominantly in Southern China, Hong Kong, and Macau. The surimi are patties made of shredded fish meat. They are commonly eaten as a starter or a main course.

There are two different versions of this dish. The first is the small, yellow balls made of shark meat and traditionally served on skewers. The second variety is made with more expensive fish meat and sometimes stuffed with pork. This is generally served as a main dish with noodles or soup.

Chili Crab

This stir-fried crab in a thick and spicy sauce was originally a form of street food. However, it’s grown in popularity and is now considered to be Singapore’s national dish. You’ll find this delicacy in many restaurants around the country.

The crab is traditionally served in the shell for this dish. This means that diners have to crack open the outside using their hands to get at the tender meat inside. However, restaurants nowadays will usually provide mallets to make this process a little easier. The crab is served with bread, which can be used to soak up the delicious sauce.


The name for this dish is a mash-up of its components; tempura and donburi. This is a traditional Japanese one-bowl meal with deep-fried seafood on a bed of freshly steamed rice. The favorite choice of ocean fare for this meal is shrimp or prawns, as is typical for tempura.


The whole dish is drizzled with a savory tempura sauce. This tentsuyu is made from stock, soy sauce, mirin, and sugar. If you want to be even fancier with your presentation, the tempura can be individually dipped into a sauce before being placed on top of the rice.


The full name for this is nigirizushi, and it’s one of the most popular types of sushi. For this style, the meat is sliced very thinly and placed onto a mound of sticky rice. It was originally created in Tokyo in the 1800s.

The whole parcel of meat and rice is sometimes wrapped all together in traditional nori seaweed. The toppings are normally tuna, haddock, or eel, but whatever you choose, it must be incredibly fresh. As with most sushi, nigiri is usually accompanied by soy sauce, wasabi, or sushi ginger.


Again this is a traditional Japanese cuisine, commonly found in sushi restaurants. Sashimi consists of wafer-thin slices of raw seafood, fish, or meat, also served with the usual sides of soy sauce, wasabi, or ginger. This dish is typically served as an appetizer.


While sashimi and sushi are very similar, this dish is only the seafood or fish and is not served in parcels with vinegared rice. However, both sashimi and sushi were developed around the same time. Both dishes originated in Southeast Asia sometime during the eighth century.

Take Away

There are countless options to choose from with Asian cuisine, but these are those extra special ones that every food lover should try. The best versions of all these dishes will be those served with very fresh fish.