5 Essential Korean Cooking Ingredients

Unless you are a Korean food lover, you wouldn’t have landed on this page. In this post, we are about to tell you about five of the must-have ingredients for Korean recipes. You will find these essential ingredients in every Korean household.

Popular Korean food like crispy fried chicken, sweet and sour chicken is loved by everyone. If you ever want to cook any Korean recipe in your house, then you will need these ingredients. These are very common ingredients and you can easily order them online. It’s just like ordering vape juice from smokingthings. All you have to do is search the ingredients online and then place your order.

Must-Have Korean Ingredients

Here are some of the most popular Korean ingredients that are needed in almost every Korean recipes. These ingredients are the reason why Korean food tastes so good. That being said, now let’s walk you through the list.

1. Ganjang (Soy sauce)

You must be using soy sauce in many of your recipes. However, Korean soy sauce is different from what we use. That’s because ganjang has a more strong flavour than other soy sauces. It tastes both sweet and salty and is used to add a unique flavour to the dish you are cooking. It is also available in different varieties, each of which is used to season different food items. Soy sauce is mainly used for seafood, vegetables, and tofu.

2. Doenjang (Fermented soybean paste)

The next important ingredient is called doenjang or simply fermented soybean paste. This paste is made of brine and soybeans. It adds a kind of salty flavour to the food. This is one of the oldest condiments used by Korean people. You will see Korean people using this ingredient, especially when making BBQ dishes. You can easily find this condiment online. But in Korea, people usually prepare it in their homes.

3. Gochugaru (Hot pepper flakes)

We all love hot pepper flakes and so does the Korean folks. They actually love their food to be spicy and rich in flavours. It is made from ground red pepper that is first dried under the sun. It is just like American chili flakes. It adds a spicy flavour to your dish. You can find a variety of hot pepper flakes in Korea that are made using different types of peppers. Some are sweet, while others are hot. This is a must-have ingredient for preparing kimchi which is loved by Korean people

4. Chamkireum (Toasted sesame oil)

Even toasted sesame oil or Chamkireum is a popular ingredient in Korea. It has a red-brown colour and adds a very strong flavour to your food. If you use it in large quantities, then you will get a nutty flavour which can overpower the flavour of your dish. This is why it is added in small quantities in side dishes, soups, porridge, and salads.

If you want to prepare Korean style dishes, then you must get these ingredients ready. They add an authentic flavour to your Korean dishes.