Gaining More Insight into FaxBridge – An Informative Solution

Fax machines may quickly become a thing of the past, but that doesn’t mean the technology is outdated. Providers have modernized fax technology to meet the changing needs of their users. Today, individuals use their computers and mobile devices to send and receive faxes rather than relying on a physical machine. What benefits come with using online faxing?

Increased Security and Compliance

Security remains a top priority for business owners today. They must ensure sensitive information remains protected. With physical fax machines, the wrong person may pick up a document and see material not intended for their eyes. This won’t happen with online faxing, as the app delivers the document directly to the recipient’s device. With online faxing, the provider encrypts the information when it is sent, and only the intended viewer can retrieve and see it. Look into more information about FaxBridge to learn how this increased security benefits an organization.

Furthermore, online faxing makes it easier to comply with industry rules and regulations, such as the Dodd-Frank Act. As these requirements change regularly, a business owner might find it hard to keep up. The online fax provider takes on this responsibility, investing in new infrastructure and security protocols when needed. Users of the provider’s service benefit, as they aren’t bearing these costs alone. However, users must ensure they choose a provider that is reputable and invests in new technology to avoid problems.

A Sustainable Option

Physical fax machines require toner and paper to operate. In addition, they require regular maintenance. This is not the case with online faxing. Documents remain in the cloud or on a physical server rather than in hard copy form. Making this move benefits the environment as less paper is used and toner cartridges won’t be sitting in a landfill waiting to disintegrate. The company will also save money, as it isn’t paying for supplies, repair, and maintenance. It already maintains the devices used in online faxing, so that won’t be an additional expense.

Easy to Use

People no longer need to head to the office to send or receive a fax. They can do so wherever they have a device and an internet connection. Salesmen can use it on job sites when speaking to customers, CEOs can connect with the office while on vacation, and real estate agents can send documents to clients who live in other countries. More work is accomplished when a business uses this option, which means increased productivity and a bigger bottom line.

A Scalable Solution

Business needs change with time. A company may find they fax regularly during certain parts of the year and never touch their fax machines for months at a time. Accountants, for example, may send countless faxes during tax season and fax very few documents the rest of the time. An online fax service can be scaled to meet the changing needs of the business. It’s harder to scale with physical fax machines.

Digital Signatures

One of the major benefits of using an online fax is it supports digital signatures. Digital signatures are actually more secure today than physical ones. Cybersecurity techniques are used to make certain the signature has not been modified in any way from the time the person signed the document. That is more difficult to prove with traditional signatures.

Online faxing has come a long way since it was first introduced. Providers keep improving on this technology as well. If you have yet to try this faxing option, do so today. You are sure to be impressed and will want to use it for all your faxes in the future.