10 Best Virtual Birthday Ideas

Of recent, many parts of the world is been ravaged by the deadly Covid 19 pandemic. With its attendant’s issues of social distancing and all being the new normal. While you may feel bad concerning your birthday anniversary coming up in a few weeks, all is not lost actually. 

You can still enjoy the day with friends and family through virtual means. It is not a herculean task though, just a few innovations surfacing here and there. Head up, parents need to read this.

Below are the 10 best virtual birthday ideas.

A birthday party is a moment to get in touch with friends, family, and long-distance relatives. It is a moment of celebrating one milestone but which seems fickle this year. Even though you might not be able to celebrate the day as you wish to you don’t need to forgo the birthday festivities altogether. 

Fret not, you can still salvage the situation with the following ideas.

Send Card 

There is no way best way to show you care and still remember your loved one’s birthday than to gift them a personalized birthday card. You can visit this site to find some short birthday wishes you can write in the card which will show them how special they are to you. If you cannot drive down to their place to drop it in their mailbox you can send an e-card. 

Make a Birthday Video 

Ask every one of your guests before that day to make a short video of them wishing the celebrant a happy birthday and also why the person is so great in just 30 sec. Then compile the video together so that everybody can watch it together at the same time. Try Vidhug, it allows you to create a beautiful video montage in just a few minutes. 

Make A Guest List

Make a list of everyone you wish to invite to the party. You can write your list down on a list of paper or make use of a notepad on your phone to keep track of names. 

Send E-vite 

You don’t have to send an actual invitation card, why not use Paperless posts to send beautiful e-vite. They offer free first 50 invites. 

You can send the invites through social media, email, and SMS. You have to send the invites a week before and a reminder a day or night before informing your guests on what and how to do to join your virtual birthday party. The message you include: date, time, description, links and lastly what they need to do.  

Host A Virtual Party 

With the help of WhatsApp, Skype, Facetime, Facebook Messenger, and Zoom,  you can host a virtual party. Set up a meeting on zoom and let everybody enjoy a virtual happy hour or two via a personalized zoom invites link. Zoom video quality is clear and allows as many guests as possible (though you might need to pay if the participants are more than 100 at once). 

Send A Bottle of Wine 

As there is no means to have a birthday eating out, you can as well make do with sending them a bottle of classy wine if you have the means. Numerous sites offer doorstep delivery of wine, champagne, and liquor at an affordable price, try one out. 

Watch A Movie Together

Yeah, your party need not be all about catching up and singing happy birthday alone. Host a virtual watch party. With the advent of the Netflix party, you can download the Netflix party extension on Chrome. This will allow you all to watch the same movie at the same time with synchronized video playback, everybody video will play and pause at the same time. It also has a chat option that allows everyone will be able to share their experience. 

Send Your Guest A Treat 

 You can recreate the feeling of cutting your cake and making a wish while everyone looks on oggling and shouting happy birthday. All you need is just to send them a sweet treat, cakes in a jar. Many stores offer home delivery of edibles that are ready to eat at the moment of delivery. 

Have A Game Night 

A game is the surest way to get everyone involved. You can explore the internet to get ideas for games that allow groups of people at once. Jackbox has a game for every age group, Lie Swatter allows 100 players at once and many other games. Explore. 

Dance Party 

You wouldn’t want to miss the fun of having swathing feet and body swinging to the music. Play your favorite music and let everybody show their exquisite dancing move, virtually!