6 Stoner Artists Whose Works Will Take You Higher

Art is one of the oldest forms of self-expression. Cannabis is one of the earliest sacraments. Combine them, and a creative convergence emerges, teetering on the edge of the mystical. From weed illustrations to bud-inspired imagery, stoner art is magical and mesmerizing.

And it’s on the rise. As marijuana becomes mainstream, more folks are growing dwarf seeds on their balconies and mega crops in their gardens. Consequently, cannabis creativity is blossoming. Check out the stoner artists below, blazing the trail with their marijuana masterpieces.

1. Alex Grey


Visionary artist, author, and teacher Alex Grey is famous for his unique perspectives on life, spirituality, and consciousness. Thanks to early medical training and a life-long quest for deeper truths, Grey’s works combine anatomical finesse with transcendental imagery.

He recognizes marijuana as a sacred herb and a revolutionary tool to explore and expand our awareness. In 1995, Grey created Cannabia, a female cannabis goddess, for the 8th Annual High Times Cannabis Cup. Cannabacchus, her male counterpart, featured in the 19th Cannabis Cup. If you want trippy stoner wall art or psychedelic prints, Alex Grey’s works are a worthy choice.

2. Vincent Gordon

Chicago-born artist Vincent Gordon first found cannabis in 1995. But it wasn’t until he discovered the plant’s positive effects that his life changed for the better. From growing medical weed to creating marijuana sketches, prints, and murals, the herb has played a major role in his journey.

Gordon documents cannabis- and counter- culture through whacky depictions of well-known cartoon characters. His works comprise a kaleidoscopic mix of vibrant colors, vivid details, and venturesome psychedelia. Unsurprisingly, they’ve also been featured in the High Times magazine.

3. Anita Toke

While the world learns to accept the science-backed benefits of CBD, cannabis itself remains shrouded in doubt and fear. Fortunately, stoner artists like Anita Toke exist. As a medical marijuana patient and advocate, she’s dedicated to promoting the plant’s positive qualities.

With her pipe nearby, Toke uses her brushes to create marijuana-inspired masterpieces. Her offerings feature an eclectic mix of weed joint art, toker portraits, digital stills, and cannabis plant paintings.

4. Drømsjel (Pierre Schmidt)

Pierre Schmidt is a digital collage artist with a penchant for trippy, intriguing, and thought-provoking pieces. Also known as Drømsjel, this stoner artist takes you on a strange journey to the deepest edges of his psyche.

Snapshots of his subconscious are captured through ethereal imagery in a surrealistic style with a modern-meets-retro feel. Emotion spills out of each piece, demanding acknowledgment and connection.

Drømsjel openly credits cannabis for inspiring his Dali-like visions and projects. His weed illustrations are psychedelic and otherworldly, depicting marijuana leaves and flowers sprouting from women’s heads and bodies.

5. Fernando de la Rocque

Fernando de la Rocque is a Brazilian contemporary urban artist who isn’t afraid to push conventional boundaries. He uses mixed media, including sculptures, objects, and drawings, to create outspoken pieces that rival established norms.

His abstract patterns appear on everything from crockery to clothing. At first glance, you can appreciate their geometric harmony, but upon closer inspection, you’ll find cheek-reddening erotic imagery.

The artist’s ingenious collection Blow Job features images of political and religious icons created with marijuana smoke. Indeed, de la Rocque believes the freedom to think about weed and make art with it supersedes the liberty to smoke it.

6. Tracy Pshyk

Self-taught Canadian artist Tracy Pshyk has dabbled in everything from sketching and painting to sculpting and jewelry making. Her works include trippy, surreal pieces, fun and colorful handmade items, and realistic weed bud drawings.

Pshyk’s Mary Jane collection features close-ups of cannabis strains in all their glittering glory. She breathes life into her botanical renditions with rich hues, vivid details, and a keen curiosity about Mother Nature’s miracles.

Puff, Puff, Paint

From ancient cave paintings to modern-day animation, humans have always found creative ways to share thoughts, tell stories, and convey ideas. Throw weed into the mix, and the pursuit of self-expression opens new doors.

While Alex Grey leans into the transcendental experience, Vincent Gordon uses whacky psychedelic imagery to get a point across. Anita Toke takes a more contemporary approach, and Drømsjel speaks to personal perception and the human experience.

As for Fernando de la Rocque’s works, there’s always more than meets the eye. The same can be said for Tracy Pshyk’s offerings bringing Mother Nature to life. Indeed, these cannabis artists show us that creating art can be a fun, introspective, and fulfilling experience.