ESports Betting | How To Wager On CS:GO Live Matches

The concept of live betting has already become very popular among bettors since it allows them to implement different strategies depending on how the game unfolds. In this way, you can make informed decisions about the direction you think certain rounds will take. Besides, there are many other markets to choose from in real time. Follow the article to find out more information about CS:GO in-play betting.

How to Make Money on CS:GO Live Bets

Successful live betting on CS:GO depends on the right strategies. In fact, there are two main approaches that players can take into account. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Round Betting

This betting option means wagering on particular rounds in the game. To take advantage of the odds, you need to learn the economy of the game and how it works.

Let’s take an example for better understanding and say that one team demonstrates unstable results and loses the previous three rounds. In this case, it’s most likely that the team will not have the cash to buy expensive weapons. Hence, the next ecological round will allow you to keep track of the statistics and shift your betting tactics when necessary.

Part-time Betting

This bet type offers wagering on the second half of a map. Therefore, part-time bets take place after the first part of a match has ended. For example, if you notice that one team plays poorly on the terrorist side, you should refrain from betting on it. That said, if this team gets the leads on the counter-terrorist side of the Nuke map location, feel free to wager on them.

In general, part-time betting requires a good competitive advantage of the teams depending on the game maps.

When is the Right Time To Make Live Bets?

For some it may sound irrelevant, but there is no best time to place a live wager. However, it is advisable to monitor the game all the time and try to find the highest odds based on the chances of victory of your preferred team. The best way to do it is to follow the page with all the current CS:GO matches and odds covered.

The Most Popular Live Bet Types

There is a high number of betting types available in virtually all CS:GO live matches. This gives you more freedom to choose different strategies and get more profit out of them. Let’s take a look at the most popular types when it comes to wagering on CS:GO games in real time.

  • Matchmaker: you will have to predict the potential winner of a game. Watch the match to find out which team performs best and has the most winning potential.
  • Matching handicap: you need to forecast the winner of the entire game by adding or subtracting the spread indicated to the result of the game with respect to the maps won by each team.
  • Map X team that will win the next round: you will have to predict which team will win the next round on map X. Bets on rounds can be made in Best of 1, Best of 3 and Best of 5 matches.
  • Pistol round winner: you need to predict the winner of the first round (of pistol) in a match or on a given map. When it comes to winning bets of the pistol round, the probability of winning is 50/50 for both teams.
  • Map X winner: you need to predict which team will win the X map. As a rule, wagers on a map winner are made in Best of 3 and Best of 5 matches only.
  • Map X total number of rounds: you should point out whether the total number of rounds on the indicated map will be higher or less than the indicated spread.

How to Watch CS:GO Live For Free?

Watching CS:GO championships online today is possible thanks to different payment services and online platforms that offer broadcasts of this type of event. Below we present the top places where to watch live events.

Live Streaming Options

Some betting platforms allow players to watch CS:GO matches live on their website. However, this can be applied only for some popular tournaments. If you are interested in watching low-level championships, follow the options below.


Twitch is the one of the most popular platforms that has been allowing users to make live broadcasts for more than a decade, something that has been taken advantage of especially in the world of video games.

Through Twitch you can enjoy the best events of different CS:GO categories and you can do it for free in many cases, while for other private channels you will have to cancel a monthly fee to fully access the content they offer.


Another place where you can find free broadcasts of CS:GO live competitions is on Youtube. Also, you can find different videos there that collect the highlights of these games.