The best affiliate programs where you can gain Bitcoin

The cryptocurrency world continues to develop, thus the number of ways of buying and earning cryptocurrencies has become almost unlimited. Also, many companies offer different methods of generating passive crypto income. Affiliate programs, launched by some companies, give you the opportunity to receive additional money by attracting traffic to their sites. Becoming a crypto partner is a good step towards receiving permanent income. Although this type of marketing is still in its infancy, it is gaining momentum. At the same time, crypto companies get the opportunity to reduce the costs of increasing their client base, while program participants are earning their percentage of the income on the invited users.

Why is the crypto sphere so popular?

First of all, cryptocurrencies have a better reputation than other lucrative niches (forex, gambling, etc.).

Secondly, it is not very difficult to find your own niche with low competition in this area, promote your website or decide on buying traffic on exchanges. There is an abundance of terms for “mining” and the turnover of cryptocurrencies, and the fact that forks and new alternative currencies appear constantly greatly simplify the task.

Thirdly, this direction is very promising. So, most cryptocurrency exchanges are not only engaged in conversion but they allow carrying out trading operations and making money on the difference in the rates of numerous digital currencies, and also providing web wallet services. All exchanges need clients, so they are ready to pay for their attraction.

In addition, due to the increased complexity of computations and the unprofitability of mining farms, cloud mining services are becoming more popular. The income of affiliates working in this area can grow significantly in the future. Those wishing to take part in affiliate programs of Bitcoin exchanges must register on the exchange and become a member of the referral program, or simply choose a suitable offer in a large CPA network.

Universal registration scheme in cryptocurrency affiliate program consists of:

  • Going to the website of the affiliate program you like;
  • Registering;
  • Indicating there a BTC or PayPal wallet;
  • Getting a unique referral link, or a promo code;
  • Posting it on our website, sending it by mail or launching an advertising campaign in social networks.

Note that you can also attract your friends and family members wising them up about the imminent revolution in the financial world and the massive transition to cryptocurrencies.

The most popular and profitable BTC affiliate programs are the following:


Coinbase is a world renowned and the largest US crypto exchange. The platform also pays 10 in BTC for each attracted user who sells or buys Bitcoins in the amount of 100 or more within 180 days after registration. Payment can be received within four business days after the trades. Even if the referral did not register immediately, then he has an opportunity to do it again within three months. High transaction volumes on Coinbase can cause delays in payments.


Ledger Wallet has a wide variety of wallet models and a good reputation. It offers a 10% commission on the sale to the partners excluding VAT and shipping. The affiliate network also has promotional materials and the ability to track referrals. This is the most lucrative referral plan of any hardware wallet. Payments in Bitcoins are made monthly directly to the BTC address.


LocalBitcoins is a popular exchange service for users from different countries.

The company pays 20% commission for referrals to the Bitcoin wallet. If both participants in the transaction followed your link, then you would be paid 40% of the commission. Funds are credited to your wallet daily, however, the referral will be considered yours for only three months.