Top 5 most expensive NFT

There is an excellent appetite within the crypto community for NFTs such as unique digital songs, collectibles, assets, images, GIFs, and memes. More importantly, they are taking part in a new form of virtual money industry which has developed recently by buying various non-fungible tokens.

Even in February 2021, there were over $300 million NFTs in sales, and the NFT platforms can undoubtedly claim a large income from other people’s work. The sale of NFTs has gained considerable popularity, even for the newest systems.

However, in light of these sales, you can wonder what are the most pricey NFTs currently available? Here we will look at some of them and explain why they have such a significant price tag.

Non-Fungible Tokens: what are they?

In order to determine which are the top 5 priciest non-fungible tokens, let’s first clarify what NFTs are. Unlike traditional tokens, which you can buy at the CEX.IO platform for crypto trading, non-fungible tokens all have unique properties. They can represent anything – a video or audio clip, a painting, or an animated story. They are generally very limited edition collectibles, and you cannot exchange them for another token/coin, unlike other digital currencies.

The Starry Night by Van Gogh is, for instance, the only genuine example in the entire globe, and there is a single picture in existence. Hence, it is no surprise that this masterpiece will hold its value. The original illustration can’t be replicated or photographed.

Thus, NFT tokens are valuable due to their unique properties. In addition, NFTs require the backing of the media, meaning that any person cannot afford to sell them. The only way for you to be renowned is to have a fanbase or admirers of your work. Consequently, you will own the item that you buy when you purchase the non-fungible token and will be able to sell it later. However, let us look at the 5 most costly NFTs.

The most expensive NFTs


Artist: Beeple

Price: $69 million

At the end of February, Christie’s, one-of-a-kind auction, along with artist Mike Winkelmann, known as Beeple, launched the first-ever auctions of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) without accompanying them with the artwork. Within minutes, bids jumped to $1 million, and the property was sold for a staggering $69 million. The drawing features Beeples’ first 5,000 “Everydays,” he had been creating since May 1, 2007.

Beeple has actually not missed a single day since he dived into digital art in May 2007. Thus, the collection encompasses many different kinds of content, styles, and mediums. Definitely, the earliest ones were not up to scratch; however, the price went up tremendously when the pics were gathered. There is a reason that this is one of the most expensive NFTs sold on the market. A non-fungible token of this caliber will be a valuable asset in 2021.

2. NFT: Nyan Cat

Artist: Chris Torres

Price: $561,000

Nyan Cat, an animated GIF of a cat with a Pop-Tart body flying through space, trailed by a rainbow, celebrated its 10th birthday in a very unusual way: by becoming an NFT! And you know what? It was auctioned off. The price was 300 ETH, or approximately $561,000.

3. NFT: Homer Pepe

Artist: Matt Furie

Price: $320,000

Digital trading cards featuring Pepe the Frog were inspired by Matt Furie’s comic book character. They can be purchased with Pepe Cash, the Rare Pepe Wallet, and use the Bitcoin blockchain. Peter Kell purchased the one-of-a-kind Homer Pepe in 2018 for $39,000 at the world’s first digital art auction, held at Rare Art Labs Digital Art Festival in New York, a price which Mashable called “ridiculous”. There seemed to be confusion about who placed the winner’s bed, and Kell then had to prevail in a coin toss in order to win the prize.

In the 2020 documentary Feels Good Man, Kell flaunted his NFT ownership to raise interest from prospective buyers but it took the recent NFT craze to finally make the deal with blockchain investor TokenAngels.

4. NFT: Mars House

Artist: Krista Kim

Price:  $512,000

Krista Kim’s Mars House, the most expensive NFT created by a woman artist, was dropped from the top 10 just two days after selling for $512,000 last week. “The first NFT digital house in the world,” the artwork consists of 3-D files able to be viewed with virtual reality and augmented reality. The piece includes a glass-walled “light sculpture” overlooking the Martian landscape featuring a soundtrack composed by Smashing Pumpkins’ Jeff Schroeder.

“Soon, all of us will be able to interact with AR through our real environments with SuperWorld, a new app that has mapped the entire planet for use in AR,” Kim told Dezeen. The artist is also claiming that glass furniture-makers in Italy could build the physical home and all the furniture inside it. (If you’re skeptical about the virtual world, the artist claims they can manufacture the physical home in the glass.)

5. NFT: CryptoPunk #3100

Artist: unknown

Price: $7.58 Million

A new genre of art is being created in the NFT universe: CryptoPunks. In fact, these were some of the original NFTs, and after the rise of NFTs, many of them are now worth millions of dollars!

Despite its ubiquity, this CryptoPunk is one of the rarer ones and is part of an alien race. There are only 10,000 punks among CryptoPunks. There are fewer than nine aliens among them. These 9 are some of the rarest in the collection. Also, they adhere to ERC-20 rules as these NFTs are ERC-20 tokens

The character’s skin is pale blue-green, and he wears a head accessory. There are currently 406 punks who possess a headband, and only one of them has this thing. The fact that it only comes with a single accessory, which is also rare – only 333 punks have one accessory  – also speaks for itself. Accordingly, this punk is extremely unique in terms of his type, accessories, and accessory counts. That’s the reason the price was $7.58 million.