Top 7 Greatest Wins in Online Casinos

Gambling in online casinos is perhaps the easiest way to become a millionaire instantly. It doesn’t matter what kind of gambling you practice, be it poker, blackjack, one-armed bandit, dice games, etc. It has nothing to do with the game type; the successful outcome of gambling is associated with the strategy pattern. An interesting fact is that almost all of the winners started with an initial bet of a few cents. Of course, winnings at offline casinos in Las Vegas still offer significant amounts of bucks, but there are people who are slowly wedging into the lists of top winners in the online gambling industry. Here is a list of the 7 biggest online casino wins you can get inspired by. And when it comes to online casinos and gambling, sbobet is the top site that we can recommend.

7th Place: Sweden Lady Won Nearly 7.7 Million Euros

In early 2012, NetEnt presented a Swedish woman with a check for almost 7.7 million euros. An interesting fact is that she became the record holder for winning the Hall of Gods with a bet of less than $ 100. The woman gave out all the winnings to her family members. It is also worth noting that the winner of a $1 minimum deposit casino Australia was among the first 5 millionaires to win money at an online casino. Nowadays, thanks to gambling, gamers become millionaires almost every week. Read MindepCasinos, and you’ll know everything about how to become a professional gambler.

6th Place: The Swedish Record Was Beaten by Anonymous

The previous record win from the NetEnt company lasted right up to 2015 when an anonymous man beat him by winning 1,000,000 euros more. This record is still unbeaten and looks impossible to reach.

5th Place: Super Snatch in The Mobile App from Mega Moolah

In 2016, another unknown became the record holder for winning a big pack of money in a mobile application Mega Moolah Mobile. Although the name of this person is unknown, the amount won has been revealed. That’s a fantastic € 7.9 million.

4th Place: Another Lucky Guy from Sweden

At the end of 2015, a new millionaire was “born” in the world. It was 30-year-old Alexander from Sweden, who won 8.5 million euros in Mega Fortune. The winner said that he would spend the money wisely; he was going to buy a new house and go with his wife to an expensive resort.

3rd Place: The Norwegian Who Entered the Guinness Book of Records in 2011

Norwegian was the first person to win a jackpot over 6 digits. In 2011, the guy just played the popular Mega Fortune and won over 11 million euros. This event caused such a stir that it even got into the Guinness Book of Records. Like most newborn millionaires, the man chose to keep his name secret.

2nd Place: It Seems That Only Scandinavians Win in Online Casino

The Norwegian record was broken by another Scandinavian from Finland; he did it 2 years later. He won over 17 million euros in the same Mega Fortune. Unlike the unknown Norwegian, the personality of the Fin winner has been revealed. It is a 40-year-old athlete who has made a quarter dollar bet and became a millionaire.

1st Place: The Only Non-Scandinavian and Non-Anonymous Person to Make This List

In October 2015, Briton John Heywood returned home from military service in Afghanistan and took a low-paying job that helped make ends meet. In order to try his luck and earn some extra money, the man registered on the online casino website.

Not exceeding the threshold of 0.25 pounds, John began betting on a slot called Mega Moolah from Microgaming. Interestingly, the novice player chose it among the others only because the game’s icon was the largest. Within minutes, he received a bonus level, placed a bet, and won the jackpot. Twenty-five minutes have passed since its registration on the site.

When John saw the winnings on the screen, he didn’t believe it and thought it was a joke or a mistake. The next morning, he went to work as if nothing had happened. Later, he was informed by representatives of the online casino by phone about the fact that he really won and became a record holder. John Heywood’s exact jackpot is £ 13,209,300. Thanks to a difference of 18 thousand, he got into the Guinness Book of Records as the person who received the largest win on an online slot. The largest jackpot is now the sixth-highest in gambling history, including record wins at land-based Las Vegas casinos.


Some people spend years playing in casinos and are constantly left with nothing, while others go with $ 5 to a roadside cafe for a cup of coffee and come out with a check for several million. We have compiled a rating of the seven most fortunate players who managed to catch their luck and get the biggest jackpots in casino history. Perhaps you will become the next person in this rating.