10 Essay Phrases That Will Impress Your Professor and How to Use Them

The majority of the college attendees have problems with essay writing, and the ideas don’t come to them quickly. It can take years of practice to master this acquired skill, and a plethora of students start feeling confident in their work only after they graduate and their course finally ends. After many years of writing these assignments, you start becoming repetitive and choose the exact words and phrases in your pieces of work.

If you frequently find yourself in this scenario and don’t have inspiration for new words and phrases to use in your assignment, don’t worry. There is a whole new world of terms out there you can start implementing in your essays that will surely impress your professor. Teachers often get tired of common words students write in their work, so next time you start with your assignment, remember some of the phrases below you can use.

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We have pulled an impressive list of crucial academic phrases you can use in your paper. You don’t need fantastic writing skills. These ideas will help you format a masterpiece. From the introduction to the body and conclusion, you will keep your readers attention and have that formality professors are striving for. Let’s dive right in!

10 Impressive Essay Expressions You Can Use

The trickiest part of the essay is often right at the start – the introduction. When you finally gather your information and arguments, it is time to take your pen and start putting those words on your paper. Since you need to explain what is happening, suppose your reader is a youngster without knowledge about the topic. You need to keep the formality of academic writing while having to summarize sentences and simple formatting. To do this correctly, you can use any of the phrases below.

1. ‘In light of’ & ‘In view of’

These paper terms help pose your argument based on a general concern or the author’s view. These phrases can be used when a shred of new evidence sheds light on a stated statement.

2. ‘Referring to the views of’ & ‘According to’

A significant part of your writing is introducing the author’s views and knowledge about the topic and study. These forms can provide a great way to fit naturally into your essay. It is not recommended to start your essay with a direct quote, so try to paraphrase it instead of referencing it in your introduction. Your words can do the trick and summarize what you want to mention. Just make sure to reference correctly.

3. ‘What’s more’ & ‘In addition to’

If you want to add or expand your point, these words are a way to do it. With these, you won’t interrupt the flow of an essay. These are also great linking phrases you can begin a new paragraph with.

4. ‘To put it another way’ & ‘To put it more simply’

You can quickly complement complicated views with these sentences. If you want to improve the continuity and explain the point you have made slightly differently, these academic phrases are a great way to do it. Make sure you don’t use them to repeat yourself. Use them to elaborate on specific points and further explain them. You can even round up your points with these and make excellent work.

5. ‘On the other hand’

This term introduces a contrasting interpretation of evidence. This evidence suggests something different, usually an opposing view.

6. ‘Having said that’

It is often used similarly to express ‘but’ or ‘on the other hand.’

7. ‘Another key fact to remember’

Include this phrase if you want to add more information that agrees with the stated fact or argument. It is an excellent choice in academic writing and is relevant for situating your research with more context. This sentence is valuable for not repeating the word ‘also’ millions of times throughout your essay. The quality will instantly improve if you exchange that word with this phrase.

8. ‘To give an illustration of’ & ‘To elucidate’

If you want to write a fantastic piece, you have to provide examples. These examples will make your arguments more robust and more relevant. Many students introduce these illustrations with the phrase ‘for example,’ which is the most common way and least favorite for the reader. Try not to use this term and remember the ones we’ve offered you. They will surely make a change and ensure a nice essay flow.

9. ‘This suggests that’ & ‘All things considered’

You must use concluding phrases when you decide to wrap up your argument. The last paragraph must consist of a summary of the ideas you wrote about. Make sure they are not redundant. The first term expresses the final statement, the core point of the topic, and the significance of the result of the research.

The second one articulates the way you give reasons for the conclusion. After you consider all of the aspects related to your study, you arrive at a conclusion, and the great way to express it is by using the second phrase.

10. Make Your Phrases!

Lastly, do not be afraid to spice up your writing with your expressions. You can create them by combining different words and patterns. If you need more additional inspiration, you can always search for more on the internet or dictionary. These unique phrases can help you express yourself better and elevate your essay.

Final Thoughts

Writing a perfect essay requires lots of experience, time, and practice. If you don’t have enough time to research unique essay pieces and want to impress your professors, believe us – these phrases will help you achieve your goal. After you master these terms, you will instantly notice the quality change in your work. You will improve the flow of your essay, the structure will be easier to follow, and the readers’ experience will be enhanced overall.

You can write exemplary pieces in no time and encompass the time spent in your writing. Try your best to incorporate these terms to make your piece a powerful one. Your work will stand out from millions of same essays, and teachers will remember you. Write these down and watch your essay writing confidence skyrocket!