12 The Most Popular and The Best Bands Of All Time

We know there are several the best bands of all time, and we leave that for debate. Here, our selection of the best bands of all time.


Born as the perfect accompaniment to LSD testing at Berkley, they became a cultural phenomenon thanks to their ability to shape all the colors of an era. If we add impeccable songs to spice up, we have a true institution of live rock made in America.


The Doors had a major impact on American rock over six years after forming in Los Angeles in 1965. Ray Manzarek’s keyboard just as significant was their unique emphasis on organ-guided tracks and psychedelic arrangements that saw the band into the spirit of the band.


Maybe Kiss is the exemplary American band. The quartet that revolutionized the aesthetics of rock from the 70s did so at the point of the sense of the stage show and affirmed by a restless battery of hymns and irresistible hooks. With a legion of fans all over the planet who keep the flame alive.


Nobody did stadium rock like Aerosmith in their pomp. Steve Tyler and the company were formed in 1970 and the great longevity of the group is impressive in itself. With over 150 million record sales to its name, Tyler’s the best bands of all time is also responsible for one of the first (and one of the best) rock/hip hop collaborations.


It is a testament to the band’s appeal that the Eagles have sold over 100 million records in the United States alone, with their music proving to be incredibly popular over the last five decades. In addition to fabulous songwriting and crystal clear harmonies, the band’s music features some of the most elegant guitars you can hear.


They are the pure embodiment of the tradition and values ​​of American-made rock. Those extensive shows where each of us comes out of the best experience of his life.


The band’s impact on American music culture cannot be understated. The group pioneered the American punk scene in the mid-1970s, proving the perfect antidotes to the over-the-top, indulgent progressive rock movement of the early 1970s. The group’s songs rarely extended beyond the two-and-a-half-minute mark, but their deeply melodic approach to songwriting set them apart from their contemporaries.


Metallica helped shape the sound of contemporary heavy metal after forming in 1981. The formidable qualities of James Hetfield’s delivery with Lars Ulrich’s deft drumming and Kirk Hammett’s virtuoso guitar styles are perfectly synchronized on classic tracks, which continue to inform and inspire heavy metal and heavy rock musicians around the world.


REM combined country, stadium rock, and indie to create one of the most compelling songs of the ‘80s and’ 90s. Frontman Michael Stipe’s unmistakable voice and much-underrated lead guitar work by Peter Buck propped up the group’s sound, throughout their career, which spanned from their formation in Georgia in 1980 to their breakup in 2011. The band represents one of the most interesting groups of its time with much to discover in its extensive catalog.


Nirvana brought a generation together in the early ‘90s when Kurt Cobain became an unlikely poster boy for the disenchanted and outcast twenty-something of the time. The group’s strident arrangements and their leader’s signature accent spoke to Gen X in a way few had before, but that was far from their appeal. Its finely crafted songwriting and sharp pop sensibilities also gave Nirvana an intergenerational musical appeal that many bands involved in the ‘90s alternative rock movement would never achieve. The universal quality and fervor of the band’s music helped make them one of the best bands ever, with Kurt Cobain rightly remembered as the great rock antihero of his time.


The Red Hot Chili Peppers became America’s most prominent funk band. Since their formation in 1983, bassist Flea and newly returned guitarist John Frusciante are widely regarded as some of the best musicians of their generation. The band’s longevity is a testament to its worldwide appeal and you can guarantee that the band will continue to leap shirtless on stage for years to come.


Seattle’s other great band, Pearl Jam, led by Eddie Vedder, became one of the most popular alternative rock acts of the 90s and helped spearhead the hugely influential music movement in America. The band made their first breakthrough with their debut album “Ten” in 1991 and never looked back, selling approximately 60 million records worldwide.