25 Perfect Advent Calendar Gift Ideas for the Younger Members of the Family

The younger family members in the household are always super excited for Christmas. They get most excited about all the gifts they get in December, and for some, it is the most amazing month. However, for the parents, it is a challenging task. The biggest challenge, hands down, is thinking about what to get for the kids.

So, to make things a little easier for all the parents this year, we have come up with a list of gifts that your kids will fall in love with instantly. Also, Jellycat is one of the best toys as a gift that make your kids happy.

1. Chocolates

There is nothing better than chocolates for the kids. We understand that giving sweets to children is not ideal, but this is the season of joy and happiness. Get them all the chocolates they need.


No kid in this world is not fond of Lego. Get them a Lego set, and you can also spend time with them playing Lego.

3. Color Pencils & Crayons

Give a boost to your kid’s imaginative minds and gift them a colorful palette of creativity. Color pencils and crayons are their best friend, so unite them for a colorful experience.

4. Color Books

Now that they have the color supplies, they need something to fill the colors in. Coloring books are great as the kids can choose whatever colors they want and fill the drawings according to their imaginations.

5. Board Games

Board games are a fun and interactive way of spending time with the whole family. Gift your children board games which you can play with them before bed for unforgettable memories.

6. UNO

We all have lovely memories of playing with UNO cards. Let your kids make their memories by giving them the cards to play with their friends.

7. Slushie Maker

Want to make things fun around the kitchen by involving your kids? Get them a slushie maker to make slush drinks. You can spend quality time with them as they will need your help.

8. Shoes / Boots

New shoes or boots are a child’s favorite. Get them a pair they’ve been wanting and surprise them.

9. New Clothes

Kids get excited about new things, and new clothes top the list. You can buy them new clothes to wear on Christmas Eve and look their best.

10. Puzzle


To get your kid’s mind pumping and boosting with intelligence, give them puzzles to solve. It will keep them busy for days, and they will enjoy the time solving them.

11. Slime

Kids have this newfound obsession with slime. Buy them colorful slime and make them happier.

12. Snow Globes

Snow globes fascinate young children. Buy them a Christmas tree snow globe train set with music from Holyart and see them enjoy.

13. Favorite Movie

Kids love movies, especially when it’s their favorite one and they watch it with their family. Have a movie night and watch their favorite movie with them.

14. Books

Kids should be introduced to reading from an early age, and gifting their novels or other informative books according to their age can be a great way to promote learning.

15. Play Dough

Didn’t you love playing with playdough in your childhood? Your kids will love it too. Give them play dough sets and put their imaginations to work.

16. Toys

Buy toys for them to play with to enjoy and have fun on their own or with their friends.

17. Paint Sets

Kids love getting their hands dirty while having fun. Paints are a great way of making them familiar with creativity.

18. Baking supplies

Baking with kids and including them in your daily routine can be a refreshing experience. Gift them baking supplies and bake goodies to share with family and friends.

19. Hot Cocoa Jars

Children love hot cocoa, so allow them to have sweet fun while drinking their favorite drink.

20. Plant Seeds

Plant Seeds

Give your kids plant seeds to grow different plants. This will teach the kids to be more considerate towards nature.

21. Riddle Book

Test the intelligence of your kids while having fun by gifting them a riddle book.

22. Outing

Take your kids for an outing and allow them to have fun. Ice skating, roller skating, our normal dinner would make them happier.

23. Money

Give some money to your kids and teach them to save. This small habit of saving will go a long way.

24. Wall Decoration

Get a wall decoration piece of their choice for their rooms that they can flaunt.

25. The Big Gift

Kids will keep telling you what they want for Christmas, so get them what they want. The day should be memorable, so save some money and give them what they asked you.