4 Best Korean Restaurants to Hang Out With Your Family in Houston, TX

There is nothing that Houston can’t offer to its people; it’s a city of endless possibilities and unlimited entertainment, and innumerable cuisines.

So, if you are looking for Korean dishes for your tastebuds – it’s here. Thanks to the area’s sizable expat population and a few eateries providing traditional Korean food, particularly barbecue staples like bulgogi and kalbi, Houston’s Spring Branch neighborhood has long been a center for Korean cuisine.

However, the popularity of Korean food in Austin has been rapidly rising in recent years thanks to the emergence of a few outstanding locally-owned restaurants and well-known international brands.

Customers may now select from various specialties: extra-crispy fried chicken, stews, extra-crispy fried chicken, stews that are simmered, hearty noodle meals, and numerous imaginative dishes that blend Korean flavors with Houston’s many cultural influences.

A Few Popular Korean Restaurants to Hang Out With

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Bori delivers Space City’s most upscale and exquisite Korean barbeque experience, hidden away in the center of Spring Branch. The restaurant, situated on a private plot, is the focal point of a more significant Korean cultural scene: containing an art museum, a lobby bar, a waiting area, a private room, and a manicured sculpture garden.

The expansive menu offers starters: japchae vermicelli and octopus tartare, premium meat choices like dry-aged ribeye and A5 Wagyu, and pre-set meat buffets like the mouthwatering Butcher’s Feast, all of which are delivered with six complementary banchan side dishes.

There is no need to move a finger when it comes to cooking. In-table grills ensure that your dish is perfectly cooked by the servers, who receive intensive training.


A love letter to Los Angeles’ long-standing K-BBQ community, Ken Bridge’s new Korean barbecue restaurant is located in the former Ritual location on Studewood at White Oak. A freshly constructed updraft ventilation system, red neon lighting from the 1990s, and 90s hip-hop beats create the perfect atmosphere for one of Houston’s top Korean BBQ experiences.

Start with any of their kimchi pancakes or bulgogi tteokbokki rice plates as a starter. Enjoy the marinated special galbi short ribs or the Kurobuta pork belly from the Butcher Room’s à la carte menu. Pre-made meat combinations are offered for groups of three, four, and six.

Seafood options are also available, including king crab legs with gochujang garlic butter. Every dinner comes with cheese corn, egg soufflé, a variety of banchan made by Bridge’s family, and a Korean green salad.

Honey pig

It’s difficult not to adore Honey Pig. Owner Mickey Kim decorated the seventh location of a popular franchise with roots in Virginia with images of a street art-style, chubby pink piglet ideal for the Instagram-Tiktok generation.

The atmosphere is reminiscent of something out of a Korean drama when high-energy K-pop videos are playing on flatscreens, smoldering cast iron grills, and premium meats are added. This is a location to have fun and is situated in the recently rebuilt Diho Square in the center of Asiatown.

Bring friends, order the meat combination of your choosing, feast on wonderfully grilled meats, and then drink some beer or soju to wash it all down. Both the spicy pork belly and the kimchi pancake are excellent.

Seoul Garden

If you’ve ever tasted Korean barbeque, chances are you’ve gone to Seoul Garden, one of the original locations on Long Point. A whole Korean restaurant experience is provided with traditional decor, private spaces divided by sliding doors, and a selection of traditional dishes, including soups, stews, entrees, and meats for the grill.

Pick a starter from the Special Set Grill Menu, like the haemul pajeon seafood pancake, and if you’re feeling fancy, upgrade to a luxury meat choice like Snake River Farms Japanese boneless short ribs. On a Monday through Friday around lunchtime, you can get bento boxes, dolsot bibimbap, and lunch special set dishes for a great price.

Final words

There are many fantastic Korean family eateries in the Houston area. Most family-run businesses may be found throughout most of the city’s neighborhoods. In Houston, a delicious Korean lunch is never far away. So instead of reaching for the cowboy hat when you’re hungry, try some delectable Korean cuisine.