5 Best Tips for Choosing the Right Catering Providers for Your Event in Brisbane

Brisbane, which is Queensland’s capital city and considered the third biggest city in Australia, is located on the Brisbane River. It has an almost perfect climate throughout the year. It has a thriving economy, which includes the food and catering services industry.

IBIS World anticipated the industry’s rise over the next five years, following recovery from the impact of COVID-19.

Due to the high demand for catering services, there is no shortage of reputable catering providers in Brisbane. Hence, getting a catering agency can be quite challenging.

Here are five best tips for choosing the best catering provider for your event in Brisbane.

1. Specify your goals at the beginning of event planning

Catering is usually the first or second priority when allocating budget for an event. The budget earmarked on food and catering services can significantly affect how much money will be spent on the other parts of the event.

Apart from determining the catering budget, event planners should also specify the types of food or menu they want early in the planning process. The catering providers in Brisbane often offer a variety of cuisines and pricing structures. Hence, getting specific on the menus and services expectations would streamline the process of choosing the right caterers.

Also, clients can specify specific criteria they may prefer or expect from a catering provider, such as:

  • Prompt response on phone calls or emails
  • Portraying genuine interest in making the event a success
  • Has years of experience providing catering services in the client’s industry

2. Run a background check on the catering provider

Another factor to consider before selecting a catering provider is its background in the industry. How easy is it to work with the catering agency? Did they deliver their promises?

One of the best methods to know if a catering provider is good is by checking for references. Clients should ask for the list of references and take the chance to find out what previous clients have to say about the company’s services. Clients may also ask to observe an event the catering providers are currently working on to see first-hand how they work and manage their services.

Additionally, clients can search through the company’s website and skim through clients testimony, or scouring the search engine or social media like Facebook for reviews.

3. Schedule a food test

The best way to test the caterers’ worth is by tasting the food they have prepared. Scheduling a tasting with a handful of potential catering providers will give the client an idea of the company’s food’s quality, taste, and presentation.

Depending on the clients’ budget and the type of event they want to hold, caterers may offer different tasting menus. If clients plan to have a specific dish at their event, they should ask the company to prepare the meal.

Clients can also ask the company to modify the plate to their taste and see whether the company can take their feedback seriously. Another critical consideration clients need to pay attention to is how the food will be kept warm throughout the event.

4. Get it in writing and discuss extra services

Similar to other business venture, an agreement or contract should be written when the clients decided to hire the company. The contract should specify the types of foods, menus, beverages, and services the company will offer as well as information about the time, date, and venue of the event.

Some catering company provide only food and beverage service, while others may provide additional services, including the tablecloth linen, chair cover, table, chairs, and decorations.  If extra services are available, clients should ask the company whether to include or exclude these services. The contract should also include the total pricing for primary and additional services.

5. Pay attention to the fine print

Before signing the contract, clients should ensure they understand the following critical points in fine prints:

  • Price changes in case the number of guests do not match the event’s registration form
  • Relevant taxes
  • Fees for labour work
  • Tip for the employee


An excellent food catering in an event will leave the guests feeling content and delighted. In contrast, poor catering services may bring down the otherwise perfect event. Hence, put in some time and thoughts into picking a catering provider to choose the best one for your event.

Author bio: Helen Harry is a freelance writer and a GOT fan. Apart from writing Technologies, she likes to read & write fiction. More than anything, she loves to spend her time with her family, explaining technologies to the elders.