5 Reasons Why Your Kitchen Needs Silicone Mats

Greasy handles on your fridge and cupboard, little pieces of crumpled parchment paper that have been left there from all the countless failed attempts at measuring it to fit your tray are now spread all over the floor, all the while the whole kitchen is filled with the smell of something burnt. Everyone who’s interested in exploring the culinary world is fated to encounter something similar to such a scene sooner or later.

It’s very easy to think it’s meant to be a troublesome endeavor; however, it’s not that clear-cut. Here is the first step to making it easier for anyone who is finding the whole rigmarole with cooking sprays, wrong measurements, and torn parchment paper not worth their time — they can buy silicone mats for cooking.

Today, we will take a look at five reasons why silicone mats for cooking are the perfect replacement for not one but several items in your kitchen, making them a serious contender to become a go-to item every time you’re planning a meal.

Always within reach

You don’t have to open your cupboard drawer only to discover that you once again forgot to buy parchment paper. Silicone mats will always be at your side whenever you need them. This will save you time and rid you of unnecessary stress.

Save tour baking creations

Nobody said that having to rescue your precious pastry from parchment paper stuck on it is an essential part of your baking routine. What’s more is that you can easily avoid it by choosing to stick with a non-stick. Silicone mats have a non-stick surface, which means using cooking spray will no longer be a requirement.

No more grease

When you take your bird out of the oven, the hot and spitting grease can burn your hands. Silicone mats with special folds can catch any excess fat to prevent it from spilling out all over your oven, making you spend your time cleaning it afterwards instead of relaxing on your sofa after a long day in the kitchen.


Some silicone mats have dedicated measurements to make rolling out pastry an easier and more precise process, which means this will save you time when you need to measure the thickness of your dough exactly how you want it to be.

Suit your needs

What also should be a point in the favor of silicone mats is their functional variety. Many of them were made with specific goals in mind, like catching excess liquid. That’s why choosing the right one can save you lots of time and money. Just like the brand of silicone products mentioned before, some silicone products are made from an especially durable and more elastic material than any certain conventional items found in regular stores — siliconePrime.

Think of how many times you’ve given up on something just because it seemed way too chaotic and required too much preparation. Starting something new may often seem like an insurmountable hassle, maybe even a lost cause, but you should always keep in mind that maybe it’s not the task itself that’s complicated, maybe what you need are the right tools for the job.

Cooking is a messy business. Anyone who’s ever dabbled in trying to make their first cake or roast poultry knows it. It’s chaotic, so much so that a lot of people actually stop at the very first try. What they might not know is that cooking can be made easier and more enjoyable just through careful observation and considerate shopping. Who knows, maybe the best solution is just a few clicks away.