5 Things The Post Office Can Do For You Besides Sending Mail

A Post Office has many services outside of sending and receiving mail. From passport applications to greeting cards, there are many services you might not know about at the Post Office. Here are five things your Post Office can do for you besides sending mail.

1. They help you file taxes

Believe it or not, your local post office may be able to help with one of life’s biggest hassles—filing taxes.   Many people don’t realize that in addition to mailing out packages and letters, their local post office also offers various other services. Many offices offer tax filing assistance and have experts on hand who can walk you through every step of filing your return, including helping you choose which forms are right for you and giving advice on what documents to bring along.

2. Help you get a passport

By law, U.S. citizens need a passport when traveling abroad. You have to apply in person at a nearby passport acceptance facility (or regional agency) to get one. That could be your local post office. Acceptance facilities also accept renewal applications, name changes, and limited-validity passports; if yours is damaged or stolen—bring in your old passport and another form of identification, such as your driver’s license or state ID card.

3. Send registered letters

Registered letters are a great alternative to tracking shipments. They serve as both a mailing and delivery confirmation certificate, meaning you know exactly when your package was delivered and by whom. If a registered letter is ever lost or stolen in transit, it’s easy to request another copy from the Merrifield post office so that your shipment doesn’t get stuck in limbo.

4. Do notaries public

In addition to processing your day-to-day postal mail, your local branch of the Postal Service can be a great resource for doing business with others in America and abroad. Your local post office offers one lesser-known service of a notary public—individuals authorized to witness documents and certify their authenticity. What’s more, unlike many other notaries, Merrifield post office’s services are free to use!

5. Offer conveniences like package tracking

Sure, you don’t need to go down to your local post office to see if your package is there—online services like Merrifield post office will happily let you check its location from your computer. But while that may seem convenient, it’s inconvenient (and often misleading). When it comes to packages in transit, knowing when a package will arrive depends on more than just its location—its carrier’s service levels also play a big role.


Although many people think of your local Post Office as a place to send letters and packages, it’s much more than that. It’s a place where you can make deposits, withdraw money, pay bills and renew driver’s licenses. For many Americans, it’s also their primary bank branch. All these services are free and are possible in your post office. So next time you go to get stamps or mail a package, remember that there are other ways to take advantage of all they offer!