5 Ways to Try Dairy-Free Ice Cream

There are many innovative things humanity has come up with on its path to growth, one of the most essential being dessert. We all can agree that dessert is a crucial part of our lives, almost integral even.

Now, there are multiple ways one can consume dessert. We have cakes, biscuits, and shakes, but one, in particular, proves to be a universal favorite – ice cream. It has this way of integrating itself in all other desserts and making it only more tempting to gobble up.

Ice creams are fundamentally made with milk and cream, but who’s to say lactose intolerant people don’t get to enjoy this delicacy? That’s right, no one. And that’s where dairy-free ice cream comes in, folks. There are multiple ways one could try this more inclusive alternate so let’s talk about them, and visit Bears Ice Cream in London if you are traveling in London.

Ice Cream Shake

Shakes are generally more liked in our fast-paced world. Not every day will you find the time to sit and eat or drink. Just grab them and drink them on the go. Ice cream shakes take that likeability of the shake, and then well, add ice cream to it. It’s a win-win situation. Ice cream shakes are an excellent way to try out non-dairy ice cream.

Ice Cream Sandwich

Everything seems better when it comes to small, bite-sized servings. That’s where ice cream sandwiches come to play. The idea is to have ice cream between two biscuits or cookies, whichever one prefers. The cookies are usually chocolate in flavor and rectangular.

With ice cream sandwiches, people tend to be creative about it. You take your favorite biscuit and pair it up with your favorite ice cream. Throw it in the freezer, and bam. You have yourself a personalized favorite combo. It’s a frozen dessert and a creative way to enjoy both your free dairy ice cream and the biscuits.

Ice Cream Taco

An ice cream taco sounds like an oxymoron to hear but is quite interesting (and delicious!). Two of summer’s favorite delights come together in harmony to create this beautiful dessert. With the taco’s crispiness and the ice cream’s melting nature, it easily tops as the tastier dessert.

You can make this dessert at home as well. All you need to do is brush melted butter on some tortillas, bake them to create the crunchy shells, add the ice cream to it, and voila! You can add whatever topping you want to your non-dairy ice cream, and voila! Top-notch dessert made at home.

Ice Cream Cake

There are a few things in the world that could ever top cake as a dessert. But you know what makes even cake better? Yep, Ice cream cake.

Ice cream cakes are loved and preferred all over the world, and for a good reason. It simply puts an end to the “Ice cream vs. cake” debate, and united, they truly do stand out.

Ice Cream

When all else fails,, go vanilla! But honestly, jokes apart, what’s stopping you from merely gobbling up your dairy-free ice cream by itself? Sure, you can be creative about all the desserts you could eat it with, but in the end, you don’t have to. Because nothing beats a good ice cream by itself, so go ahead; devour the ice cream in all its simple goodness.


In the end, non-dairy ice cream is always an excellent alternative. It does not lack the ice cream experience, and you get to be eco-friendly as well! So, get yourself a non-dairy ice cream and do everyone a favor.