8 Ways Asian College Students Can Make Money from Their Dorms

College students in Asian countries must often live off loans or part-time jobs. This combination rarely meets their needs for income. Instead of putting groceries, gas or other essentials on a credit card, you could make money from your dorm. Here are eight ideas on how to make money from your dorm while still maintaining good grades, a great social life and your personal freedom.

Ask Questions

You probably ask a lot of questions anyway, so you might as well get paid for doing it. You could become a Quora Qualified Partner. In this partnership, you get paid for inviting qualified responders to answer questions. You can also ask questions and invite experts to answer them. This is a fun way to fill a few minutes of your time without leaving your dorm room.

Critique Movies

Critique Movies

Going to the movies is entertaining, and you could get paid for sharing your reviews of new films. Screen Rant is a service that pays you for quality movie reviews. All you have to do is offer your unique insights and opinions on the movie you watch. There are no minimums or schedules for writing your reviews.

Make Stuff and Sell It

If you have talents in graphic design, pattern writing, screen printing, 3D printing or some other form of art and design, you could make patterns or products and sell them on Etsy. If you do not want to deal with the Etsy middleman’s fees, you could set up your own selling page on another similar forum or build your own site on Shopify. Etsy does make it easy for a new person to get a start selling their wares.

Tutor Students

If you’re bilingual or multilingual, consider Boxfish Tutoring as a source of income. You teach ESL students over the internet. You talk to them in your shared native language and teach them to become fluent in English. You can tutor one student at a time or teach a group class. Keep in mind that time zones may be different for your students, who are likely to be located in Asia.

Become a YouTuber

It might seem like everybody and their brother has a monetized YouTube channel. However, it is an easy way to earn money. If you have interesting experiences to document and share, you could create a channel and monetize it. With just one viral video, you could be raking in the cash in little time. You will need to market your channel initially, which can take some work on your part.

Document Your Expenses

Although you have to spend money in this case, you could get some of it back by downloading the Ibotta app onto your smartphone. You take photos of your receipts from the grocery store or pharmacy. When you buy participating products, you get money added to your account. It’s like a coupon, rebate or store discount card but more convenient.

Play Online Games

If you are a talented poker player or know how to win at roulette, consider playing online games. You could even join a game such as Bermuda Triangle slot. You do not have to live there in order to win the game and receive your earnings. With some practice, you could generate a considerable amount of money through online gaming. Play responsibly so you never lose too much chasing the big win. Be conservative and set a budget to play.

Take Surveys or Watch Videos

If you do not mind letting a video app run in the background on your phone, you could earn money while you sleep or go to class. Although you only get a few cents per video, you can just let these apps run 24/7. You could also take surveys. The surveys pay more and are easy to do.