A Brief Guide to Showing Your Appreciation at Christmas

Christmas is a time for kindness; for giving; for showing your love, and for showing your appreciation. In the midst of a stressful few years, we’ve sought comfort in each other from afar – and after what feels like a lifetime apart, it can be hard to figure life out in person again. This quick guide is here to help you re-navigate the landscape of showing your thanks – to the people who helped you through the tough times, and the friends and family that kept you afloat.

Organize a Visit

Arranging to see loved ones is something we haven’t been able to enjoy to the fullest in a few years, and could represent the perfect way for you to share your love and appreciation. Keep an eye out for festive events in your city, and earmark them for a potential day out. Maybe you could take friends ice skating, or meet your family at a Christmas market. Even better, you could surprise your loved ones – especially if they live on the other side of the country – by suggesting an event to them, and meeting them there without notice.

Send Them a Card

The greetings card Is an immovable tradition, whatever the time of year – but there’s something that little bit more special about a Christmas card. They are the perfect way to let somebody know you are thinking of them, especially if you aren’t able to see them in person. You can choose cards to add your own messages to, or even create a personalised card just for that special someone.

A card is more than its cover; the message inside is the true gift. You could use your card as a vessel for a poem, whether one of your writing or one which accurately reflects your feelings to its recipient. You could even include your own artwork!

Pick Out a Heartfelt Gift

One of the irresistible appeals of the festive period is the mounds of wrapped presents, gifts stacked high under beautifully-decorated firs or stuffed generously into Christmas stockings. A gift at Christmas is the perfect way to show someone that you’re grateful for them, and a well-thought one will be remembered for some time to come.

Rather than simply splashing cash on a trinket, think about producing a truly thoughtful gift for the important ones in your life – something home-made will wow its recipient, and truly demonstrate how much they mean to you. If materialism isn’t quite yours or your loved ones’ thing, a donation to a charity of their choice could be an especially thoughtful way to show your appreciation.