Athletes And Their Hobbies In Everyday Life

Almost every professional athlete has a hobby. In contrast to work, it goes unnoticed for most fans. They sometimes share information about their preferences on social networks or in a few interviews.

What is a hobby? You can find the answer to that question at This is an activity that is done for pleasure. For example, collecting objects, singing, painting pictures, collecting stamps. Readers will learn the history of this word after clicking on the link.

Ten Famous Athletes and Their Pastimes

There is information about ten world-famous athletes and their entertainments. It is listed in a table for the convenience of the readers.

1 Rajon Rondo  Roller skating
2 Cristiano Ronaldo   Bingo
3 Larry Fitzgerald  Photography
4 Robert Griffin III  Sock collecting
5 Chris Paul  Bowling
6 Michelle Vee  Drawing
7 Jason Hammel  LEGO construction
8 Joe Johnson  Shoes collecting
9 Jimmy Graham   Stuntman
10 Damien Lillard  Rap

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Now we can tell you about each of the celebrities from the top 10 in order. Sports career comes first place. But there are hobbies that make life more interesting.

Rajon Rondo

Rajon Rondo is a goalkeeper for a soccer team called the Chicago Bulls. He has always been looking for a hobby where he can excel. The young man found himself roller skating.

Cristiano Ronaldo 

Cristiano Ronaldo is a man who attracts attention because of his handsome appearance. He plays in the Real Madrid team, during the matches of which tens of thousands of people go to the stadiums. After moving to England, he studied English. He failed, so the footballer preferred to communicate in gestures and professional terms. The latter include:

  • right;
  • left;
  • kick;

Celebrity’s hobby is bingo (since late December 2003). Along with a guide on how to use it, fan girls gave it to him as a gift. The sportsman learned the rules in a few hours. As in lotto, each participant receives cards with random numbers. The presenter takes out of the bag barrels, naming the numbers represented on them. To win, you have to fill out the card first.

Larry Fitzgerald

Larry Fitzgerald, who plays for the Arizona Cardinals, likes to take pictures in his spare time. In the off-season, he travels to interesting places. Some of the visited countries include:







The celebrity has the financial capacity to travel. In addition to a cell phone, he owns a professional camera.

Robert Griffin III 

Robert Griffin III is a famous rugby player. He not only accumulates his old sneakers by collecting shabby socks. The athlete pays extra attention to the images on each pair. For example, Ninja Turtles (or Superman). He even wears such pairs at press conferences.

Chris Paul 

Chris Paul plays sports even in his free time – he plays bowling. To relieve stress, he throws the ball at pins. The athlete chose this game when he was still in high school. The bowling ball looks like a basketball.

Michelle Wie

Michelle Wee loves to draw, and she gets pleasure from it. The girl believes that the process makes her happy. She publishes photos of her works on social networks. In addition to golf, the athlete expresses herself in her favorite activity.

Jayson Hammel

What is Jayson Hammel’s hobby? He collects objects and entire cities from LEGO. The subject matter varies. Some are devoted to Batman. Others are about the movie “Lord of the Rings” and its characters. A young man is looking for connectable blocks, considering his hobby fun. Fans can see how the athlete refuses to grow up.

Joe Johnson

Joe Johnson collects shoes. He has managed to gather an impressive collection of old shoes. Worn-out shoes and sneakers can become museum exhibits. For now, his role is played by a roomy closet. The athlete is the only one who can look at the exhibits. Products of the Air Jordans brand predominate. The total number of sneakers is 436 pairs. Most of them are worn.

Jimmy Graham

Jimmy Graham of the Seattle Seahawks (National Football League) has become a real stuntman. He controls his own airplane while making turns. The athlete feels like a member of a real horror movie. Thanks to this hobby, he makes a variety in his own life.

Damien Lillard

An American basketball player called Damien Lillard likes to sing rap. He tried this activity when he was still in high school in California. Music has become an important field for him. The guy performed at the “Match of Stars.” That event took place in February 2020. There is a pseudonym “Dame DOLLA,” under which the celebrity records songs. Many American performers speak favorably of the athlete’s talents.

Conclusion on the Leisure Activities of Celebrities 

Celebrities spend their leisure time in different ways, as you can read about in their social networks. Hobbies help athletes keep their mental health on an appropriate level. This information is published on the website of the news company CNN. For example, on CNN. That’s why it is necessary to protect yourself from stress. The sooner you overcome it, the faster you can get back to your usual activities.

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