Celebrities and Marijuana Seeds: A Match Made in Heaven?

In the early days, it seemed like the only ones indulging in marijuana were well-known celebrities. However, a lot has changed in recent history, especially due to lots of states and countries legalizing the sale and consumption of weed.  It is very common for the average person to smoke cannabis, whether it’s for recreational or medical purposes. But you need to get certified to use cannabis products for certain health conditions. You can visit various online platforms to get your MMJ card if you don’t have one. Moreover, if you are a California resident then Online Medical Card California would be the right option for you.

There seem to be even more celebrities nowadays than ever before that advocate the legalization of cannabis. Some well-known celebrities have made successful businesses in the marijuana industry. There has been an abundance of cannabis-based movies that have hit the silver screen and that have been available to download on major streaming services like Netflix.

Here are a few well-known celebrities that are not afraid to show their love for cannabis.

Bob Marley

The world’s most famous reggae singer that has ever lived is Jamaica’s, Bob Marley. Reggae music has always gone hand in hand with marijuana, and Marley is probably the world’s most iconic marijuana figure. His uplifting relaxing music enhances the way people feel while consuming marijuana and still do to this very day.

Bob Marley is known worldwide, not just for his timeless classics like “No Woman, No Cry” or “Three Little Birds” but for his relationship with cannabis too. Marley was proud of his religion and was very vocal about his Rastafarian beliefs. In the Rastafarian religion, “ganja” (another name for cannabis) is a holy sacrament. Marley enjoyed consuming the plant so much that he even wrote a few songs about it, including “Easy Skanking”.

Marley had number-one singles and albums all over the world and quickly became a household name. To this day he is still known for his pot-smoking days. One of the most famous images of Marley is him smoking a huge marijuana joint.

Marley was questioned on numerous occasions during interviews about his feelings on cannabis, which he always seemed baffled why the plant was illegal.

Cheech & Chong

The comedy duo, Cheech and Chong are well known across the globe. After meeting in Vancouver, Canada in the 1960s, the kings of cannabis comedy went on to do live stand-up comedy shows together, along with other things throughout America and Canada.

During the 1970s and 1980s, they were involved in studio recordings and even made their own low-budget feature films. Although some of these movies didn’t succeed, some including “Up in Smoke” were groundbreaking. Despite a tiny budget, “Up in Smoke” went on to gross over $44 million. Not too shabby for a couple of stoners

Nowadays, the duo seems to have gotten involved in almost everything in the cannabis industry. Here are a few of the marijuana products they sell:

  • Pipes and Bongs: The boys put their names on plenty of different pipes and bongs to help increase the product sales.
  • Weed seeds
  • Papers: They have a wide range of different papers to allow smokers to create nice-looking and great-tasting spliffs.
  • Ashtrays
  • Posters
  • T-shirts
  • Joint box: These tin boxes with cartoon images of the duo on the front allow people to store their cannabis.
  • Grinders: They have a wide range of grinders available that help smokers grind their cannabis.

Not only does the duo have a wide variety of cannabis products for sale, but they also have their own marijuana app available on GooglePlay Store and the Apple Store. It seems like they tapped into everything in the cannabis industry.

Snoop Dogg

American rapper Calvin “Snoop Dogg” Broadus Jr. is another well-known celebrity who speaks out regularly about his admiration for cannabis. The well-respected rapper has tried to profit from his favorite pastime by releasing a wide range of cannabis products just like Cheech and Chong.

Snoop Dogg is so proud of his habit and it is not uncommon to see the music star smoking a blunt during live interviews, performing live on stage, or in his movies and music videos.

Those close to him claim it’s not just an act, and the rapper himself said in an interview in 2012 that he smokes around 81 blunts a day! For any human being, that is a lot of weed. In fact, it works out that Snoop would need to light up a new blunt every 12 minutes. For the average person, there would not be enough hours in the day to manage that, however, when you are one of the world’s most successful rappers of all time like he is, you can hire your own professional blunt roller, which is exactly what he has done. Whenever he wants to smoke, he has a staff member on standby ready to provide him with a high-quality joint.

Although Snoop attempted to stop smoking weed in 2002, he later went back to old ways. Today, it is hard to imagine the superstar ever wanting to kick the habit again, plus, it would have a negative effect on the sales of his cannabis merchandise. He, like many other well-known people, is a major advocate for legalizing marijuana throughout the United States.

Seth Rogan

Another big name who is a well-known stoner is Hollywood actor Seth Rogan. There’s no surprise that the top shot actor is good friends with Snoop Dogg and both of them share a joint on a regular basis.

Rogan recently appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, claiming he has smoked an “Ungodly amount of weed” during the ongoing pandemic while learning how to make pottery.

In an earlier interview with Stephen Colbert, some had questioned whether or not Rogan claimed he smoked a lot of weed or did he exaggerate just to gain media attention. The actor replied in a calm manner that he smoked every single day of his life. He also said that he didn’t just smoke in his personal life, but also while he was working in film.

He is often offered parts in movies that involve marijuana and in 2008 he starred alongside James Franco in the stoner action-comedy “Pineapple Express”. The movie is loved by stoners and people who don’t smoke weed all around the globe.