Classic Dishes with a Vegan Twist

As more people turn to veganism or plant-based living, the demand for vegan dishes is growing. The good news is that many supermarkets and restaurants are working hard to meet this demand and offer dishes that taste as good as their meat counterparts do.

Rather than living on pre-prepared food and eating out, we’ve shared some classic dishes that have been made vegan without losing any of the great tastes we all love. From breakfast to dinner, there are options for everyone – take a look now and find the inspiration you’ve been looking for!

Vegan French Toast

Sweet, sticky french toast is a hugely popular breakfast dish across the world and is made from eggs, bread and sugar. However, you can make it vegan by using chia seeds as an egg replacement. Simply mix your prepared chia seeds with sugar and smother on your bread before cooking in an oiled pan.

Once the dish is ready to serve, top it with fruits, nut butter or just powdered sugar to get the sweet treat you’ve been craving. The great thing about the vegan version is that it offers higher levels of protein, fibre and calcium than the traditional recipe.

Vegan Pancakes

Another great breakfast idea is pancakes, especially when they are smothered in sweet syrup! The great thing about pancake recipes is that they are seriously easy to make vegan, by simply replacing dairy milk with your favourite vegan milk and swapping the egg for a banana or apple sauce as an egg replacement.

Simply add your ingredients into a bowl and whisk into a batter then let it rest for a couple of minutes before ladling it into a pan and flipping to create fluffy, American-style pancakes. If you have a super sweet tooth, you can even throw some vegan chocolate chips and blueberries into the mix.

Mixed Vegetable Omelette

You may think that making a lunchtime vegan omelette is an impossible task when the very essence of the recipe calls for so many eggs! However, there is a way to do it by using chickpea flour as a substitute. Simply make the omelette batter and then fry your vegetables in some oil until softened. Once your veggies are ready, pour the batter over them and then finish with some vegan cheese and serve.

While this dish tastes amazing, it will not taste like a traditional omelette, instead offering a nutty flavour that is savoury and satisfying. We think that vegan omelettes are a levelled-up version of traditional omelettes – make sure you try one soon!

Vegan BLT

Another lunchtime staple is the BLT sandwich, made from bacon, lettuce, tomato and a good smear of mayonnaise. The good news is that you no longer have to miss out on this tasty treat if you are a vegan, as long as you are willing to make a few changes.

Firstly, you will need to source a good vegan mayo that you can use on your bread as well as a shop-bought vegan bacon alternative. If you prefer to make your own vegan bacon, you could use strips of aubergine or carrot and flavour them to taste smoky and tangy. When you’ve got all your components, simply layer them up in between your bread and tuck in!

Katsu Curry

When it comes to making a filling dinner, Katsu Curry is a great choice. It is usually made with chicken but vegan katsu curry is just as lovely! Slice a butternut squash and part bake it until it starts to soften. Once this is done, let it cool and then coat it in breadcrumbs and deep fry it.

The finished breaded squash can then be sliced and served with a rice dome before finishing off with the katsu curry sauce that is poured onto the plate and ready for you to eat. This curry is full of flavour but is mild enough to suit all types of tastes, leaving everyone feeling satisfied.

Vegan Chilli

Another hearty meal option is a chilli, which is traditionally made with beef or pork. However, you can make the dish using a number of different beans for a vegan version that packs in a ton of flavour! Start by softening an onion in a pan and then adding tinned tomatoes and chillies, letting them simmer and break down into a sauce.

Once you’ve got your chilli sauce the way you like it, add in your mixed beans and let them heat through. Many people find that the sauce is too thin at this point, so simply take a masher and press down on some of the beans to help thicken it into the comforting dish you love. Serve with rice or smashed new potatoes and add guacamole and salsa on the side.

Cookie Dough

Fancy some tasty desserts? Vegan cookie dough is a great choice and can be served with creamy vegan ice cream for a real treat! Rather than using an egg to create your dough, substitute it for your favourite nut butter instead and get the rich and decadent flavour you are looking for.

The great thing about vegan cookie dough is that you can also eat it raw if you prefer, as there is no risk of salmonella or other dairy-based issues. However, we love it hot straight from the oven and shovelled in by the spoonful!

Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Many people don’t realise the number of animal products that go into making a decadent chocolate mousse. From beef or pork gelatine to cream and milk, this dish is definitely a no-go for vegans – or is it?

If you like the idea of creating a vegan chocolate mousse then you simply need to swap out the milk chocolate for dark and the thickening agents for aquafabba! Simply drain a can of chickpeas or beans into a bowl and whisk the water into a meringue before adding in your sugar and melted chocolate for a thick, rich dessert that will tick all your boxes!