Creative Ways to Improve Drinking Water Flavor

You have come across the saying, ‘water is life’ hundreds of time. While some individuals take this seriously, some are still ignorant and put little effort into the initiative. Water is currently the second most popular drink after soft drinks. Most individuals have adopted the habit of drinking water wherever they go after realizing the numerous benefits this drink can bring to their health.

Clean drinking water should be on top of the essential things that should never lack in your kitchen. Unfortunately, many individuals claim to hate water, claiming that it is tasteless it smells. Luckily, you can easily make water taste better, which will motivate you to drink more. Here are some useful tips that you can incorporate right from your kitchen to make water taste better.

Citrus Fruit

The easiest and most effective way to add taste to drinking water is to add a fresh citrus fruit. This is perfect, especially if you are a lover of lemon or orange juice. These fruits are known to enhance water flavor, leaving with a taste that will leave you wanting more. However, drinking too much water with citrus fruit may result in heartburn so you should be keen on this.

Add a Fresh Fruit

If citrus fruits do not work well for you, you can try other fruits such as raspberries and watermelon. Add a few slices into the water, wait for it to settle for a few minutes and then enjoy your water. You may also try mint or cucumber for a refreshing taste. If you are going out, you can carry the water in a bottle but ensure that it is big enough to take you throughout the day.


You can quickly get creative with ice to make water tasty. Ice is the most fun, and innovative idea and the fact that it is pure makes it a healthier idea. All you have to do is to add some ice cubes, a fruit and veggie of your choice and water. Watch the cubes melt into perfection while giving your water a sweet, refreshing taste. Besides fruits and veggies, there is a range of things that you can add to the water together with ice for flavor. It is all about creativity.

Add Your Favorite Juice

Fruits are the most recommended choice because they are healthy, but you can use the readily available options in your kitchen. You can use something like grape, cranberry or apple juice for extra flavor. Look for natural juices without processed sugar and flavors. Remember, the aim of drinking the water is to boost your health, and it will not do you any good if the water contains unhealthy chemicals. Fruit juices are not only tasty but also, they provide you with the necessary vitamins and antioxidants to improve your health.


You read that right. You do not necessarily have to take plain water for it to qualify as water. Nonetheless, you should avoid black tea or coffee if you want to count it as a cup or glass of water. Herbal, green, white, red and fruit teas are more recommended as they have little to no caffeine. Even better, you have countless flavors to choose from depending on your best choice. Also, you can easily access the tea from a food store or local market.

Go the Bubbly Way

Most individuals prefer sparkling drinking water to still water. If you are not a fan of the plain water, you can try mineral water. With this water, you enjoy an added benefit since it contains natural minerals. You may also take carbonated water for improved flavor and add fruit or natural juice to alter the flavors. There is a range of naturally flavored seltzers so you can quickly select your best choice. Ideally, you can get a seltzer maker to make them right at the comfort of your kitchen.

Above are some of the creative ways to improve water taste in your kitchen for increased motivation to meet the recommended amount of water you should drink in a day. Also, be sure to entrust a reliable service provider for arsenic removal to ensure your drinking water is safe and healthy. You should not let anything come between you and improved health and glowing skin.