How to Find Professional Cleaners in Your Area: 11 Tips and Tactics

Hiring a professional cleaner is the perfect solution when you need to get your home cleaned and there’s simply not enough time in the day. But finding reliable, affordable cleaners can be tricky, especially if you’ve never hired a service before.

Below we’ll give you 11 tips and tactics for finding professional cleaners in your area with ease!

Hire a Professional Cleaning Service with Experience

While price is an important factor, it’s almost always better to hire a more expensive cleaner who has experience and a strong track record than someone with a cheaper price but no proven results.

Experienced professional cleaners are more likely to be more efficient with their time, reducing your total bill if they’re charging on an hourly basis. You’ll quickly find that what you thought was an expensive service in comparison to others quoted, was actually a great deal!

Neighborhood Referrals

Many residential cleaning companies offer referrals to their existing customers in the form of discounts or even free services! This method of advertising helps businesses establish their customer base via word of mouth.

Ask your neighbors if they can recommend anyone reputable and trustworthy.

Check Online Reviews

Professional cleaners with an online presence will probably have reviews on Yelp or Google+. Read through these before committing to anything. At least one review should be positive, but it’s always good to get at least a few different perspectives before hiring someone new.

Look for Cleaning Services Offering Guarantees

A guarantee of work provides peace of mind and shows that the company is confident they can do their job well. A reputable cleaner should be willing to offer a guarantee of work and stand behind it if you’re not satisfied, even for reasons such as missed appointments or items broken during service.

Not only does a service guarantee help you but it can also help grow a business, as it often forces the company to provide the best possible service possible.

Check Their Licenses and Insurance Coverage

The best professional cleaners will have comprehensive liability insurance in case something goes wrong during the service. They should also be licensed and certified, so ask to see their certifications and licenses for your state or city. Try to ensure they have workers compensation insurance as this provides coverage  for any injuries your cleaning professional may suffer while working on the job.

Review Their Cleaning Policies

A professional cleaner will have a strong commitment to quality by providing you with all of the relevant information on what they’ll clean as well as how they handle any extra tasks. They should be willing to provide you with a detailed written estimate, including what will and won’t be cleaned during the service.

Cleaning Company References

Before hiring a cleaning company, ask if they will provide references of past or current clients in the area to contact and speak with directly about their services. If possible, call at least three different references before making any decisions regarding home cleanings in your neighborhood.

Home Cleaning Service Quotes and Price Estimates

If quotes and price estimates are available online through the business website or social media accounts, be sure to check them out thoroughly! Make sure there aren’t hidden fees involved when it comes time to pay for services rendered; this can get extremely frustrating sometimes very quickly depending on how much you need cleaned up around the house.

Check if They Use Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

If protecting the environment and reducing carbon footprint is important to you, it’s best to ask the cleaner if they use green/eco-friendly cleaning products. If not, simply move on to the next company on your list until you find someone who will.

If you prefer to DIY clean, there are plenty of green cleaners available for purchase at your local Walmart or Home Depot that will work just as well!

Ask If they Provide Additional Services

Some cleaning services provide more than just regular house cleanings. Ask if they also offer services that will help you to keep your home clean in between deep cleanings, such as air duct and dryer vent cleaning or even window washing!

If additional tasks are available, ask how much each one costs on average per visit; some are far more expensive than others. If you haven’t done these types of cleanings before, it may be best to hire a professional for the job or at least ensure you do quite a bit of research on how they work and what’s involved in doing them yourself!

Find a Cleaner you Can Get Along With

Many people overlook this, but it’s one of the most important factors when considering hiring a house cleaning service in your area. If you’re not comfortable with how they operate or don’t like their personality, you should look elsewhere for someone who will work well with you!

Of course everyone has different preferences and expectations so there’s no way to guarantee that any professional cleaner you hire will be 100% perfect for your situation. However, if they’re rude and lack basic communication skills or don’t treat you with respect, it’s probably best to keep moving until you find someone who is a better fit!

As long as their prices are fair and competitive within the marketplace, most of these things can be overlooked