How to hang a tapestry in a dorm?

Do you live in your typical college dorm? If so, then it’s a common thing that you want to keep your personal touch in it. An excellent touch not only increases the dorm’s value but also makes you comfortable in it.

To add your touch, decorate your college dorm with a perfect background and splash color. With hanging the tapestries in your dorm’s wall, you’ll get an awesome background.

Are you frequently failing to hang your favorite tapestry in the dorm? Well, it’s quite a basic problem that most of us face while hanging the tapestry in our dorm.

Below, with us, let’s figure out different ways of hanging a tapestry in your dorm.

Different ways of hanging a tapestry in a dorm

To make a room decorated and attractive, there are hardly better options than using wall tapestries. But if you’re hanging the tapestry for the first time, you might find it difficult to do.

So, what are the different ways of hanging tapestry in a dorm? Let’s illustrate!

Hang the tapestry with the push pins

The easiest and damage-free way of hanging tapestry is using a push pin. It makes such a hole in your walls, which is smaller than your nails.

While living in a college dorm, you must be strictly forbidden to do any damage to the wall. The push pin creating a tiny hole, holds your tapestry very strongly with the wall.

How to use the push pins for hanging tapestry

  • Take an overall measurement of your tapestry with a measuring tape.
  • Place four pushpins at the four corners of the wall according to the tapestry’s measurements.
  • Hang the tapestry with the pins on your room’s wall. Avoid sticking the pin tightly with the wall, as you might need to reset the tapestry later.
  • Use more than four push pins if your tapestry is large enough. There are higher possibilities of the large tapestry falling down from the wall if you use only four pins.

Hang the tapestry with the clothespins

The clothespins alongside adhesive wall strip also work excellently to hang the tapestry on your room’s wall. For the thinner tapestries, it is one of the best methods to apply.

But if you’re hanging a thicker tapestry, you won’t get a good result with this method.

How to use the clothespins for hanging tapestry

  • Purchase the two adhesive wall strips, which are exactly the same size as your clothespins.
  • Stick your clothespins with the adhesive wall strips. If the wall strips aren’t double-sided, then use the glue to stick the clothespins with it.
  • Measure the width of the tapestry, based on the measurement, place the clothespins on the wall-based. Add one or two more clothespins if you think two clothespins aren’t enough for your large tapestry.
  • Attach the corner of the tapestry into the clothespins. If two clothespins cannot hold the tapestry, then apply the third one in the middle of your tapestry.

Hang the tapestry with the velcroing

The Velcro works for the thick tapestry far better than the clothespins. Regardless of tapestry, you can hang the picture, different types of small tools with the Velcro.

Although the Velcro is ideal for hanging many things, nonetheless, it’s not good for hanging paper tapestries. If you use the Velcro for hanging the paper tapestries, it might result in tearing the tapestry.

How to use the Velcro for hanging the tapestry

  • To place the Velcro in the exact distance, measure the tapestry’s length from one corner to another. Attach the 4 Velcro on the wall maintaining the distance you got from the measurements.
  • Stick another part of the Velcro strips to the backside of the tapestry. While attaching the Velcro with the tapestry, make sure the strips’ soft side remains towards the tapestry.
  • Press the corners of the tapestry with the Velcro, which is placed on the wall. Confirm that each corner of the tapestry’s strips perfectly stick with the Velcro hung on the wall.
  • If your Velcro hasn’t been placed at the tapestry’s corner correctly, it’ll fall down soon. If it happens so, remove the Velcro strips from each corner and re-align the stripes on the exact place.

The sum up!

If you’re living in a dorm, you must have to maintain thousands of your college rules. Some of them are avoiding screws, scratches, drilling on the wall. Consequently, even if you want to bring some creativity with the tapestry, it becomes complicated to do.

So, how can you hang a tapestry without causing too much damage to the wall? There’re endless options you’ll find to hang your tapestry. In our article, we have figured out the best and easiest ways among them.