How to make canvas prints?

Do you have excellent crafting skills? Congratulations! You’re very lucky.

It’s time to show your crafting skill. And the canvas print is one of the remarkable ways of showing your crafting skills. According to the preferable choices, lots of people try to make their own canvas prints But due to insufficient creativity and ideas, they cannot do that.

Did you ever make a personalised canvas? Even if you didn’t, we assure you that you can do it after finishing this article. We have decorated the article with the effective guidelines for making a canvas print.

With the consecutive instructions, even though you have never practiced, can make the canvas prints. How? Stick to us to know in detail.

Instructions for making a canvas print

The photo on canvas is a high-quality print that is used for decorating a home. Whether you’re an artistic person or not, you cannot avoid its beauty.

Fortunately, there are numerous canvas prints available in the home decorating store. But if you don’t find your favorite picture, wouldn’t it be better to make the canvas print on yourself.

Want to make a canvas print? Here are the directions that you need to follow to make your own canvas print.

Step 1: Purchase the necessary supplies

Firstly, purchase the necessary supplies from the supply store that you’ll need to print canvas. The basic thing you’ll need to print your canvas is:

  • A blank canvas panels (same size as your photo paper)
  • Regular photo printing paper
  • Rollers or foam brushes
  • Gel medium/ Glue
  • Acrylic paint (Optional)
  • A scrap of fabric canvas (Optional)

Step 2: Choose your favorite picture

Choose your favorite picture through the internet and decide which size you want to print out. Print the picture on your canvas sheet through your printer machine. Try to keep the size exactly the same size as the canvas panel.

Step 3: Apply the paint at the side of the canvas panel

If you want a colorful edge of your canvas, paint it with a standard color. Choose the paint color when you want to get a classic look. Add the mild or light color to get a pretty look to your canvas.

However, to get a trendy look, you can print the canvas edge matching with your chosen picture.

Step 4: Prepare the front page of the canvas panel.

Prepare the front page of the canvas panel perfectly before setting the print. For doing so, apply a thick coat of Mod podge paint on the blank canvas with a foam brush. Cover the whole page of the canvas panel with the mod podge.

Confirm no corner is left uncoated. After finishing the step, go to the next step quickly before drying the coat.

Step 5: Place the picture on the wet canvas panel

Attach your chosen picture print over the canvas panel before it gets dry. Place the corners of the picture exactly at the same edge of the canvas panel. Is the picture’s border larger than the canvas panel? Then, apply some glue on the canvas edge and attach each corner of the picture with it.

Step 6: Press the printer picture.

Have you placed the picture on the canvas panel correctly? See whether you have missed any edge or not. No? Then press the print gently with your hand. Don’t show excess strength while pressing the picture.

Step 7: Coat the print with the light mod podge

You have almost done canvas printing. Nevertheless, if you want to get eye-catching prettiness, add additional texture on the canvas panel.

Again, apply the mod podge over the front side of the canvas, similar to step 6.   The layer of mod podge will provide additional eye-catching shininess to your acrylic paint. Go to the next step.

Step 8: Add texture and hang on the print

Place a scape of canvas fabrics over the wet print. Gently press the fabrics over the entire canvas and swiftly pull away. It’s an optional step, so if you don’t like the texture on your canvas print, just avoid it.

To avoid the smudge, before hanging the canvas print on your wall, let it dry properly.

The sum up!

Don’t mix up the canvas print with the canvas print. It’s just an image that comes from the printer that you’ll need to place on the canvas panel and make a home décor.

So, even though you’re not a painter, that is absolutely okay. Complete the consecutive process of printing canvas and get an artistic feel.