How to Select a Personal Chef in Brisbane for Your Party

If you are hosting an event or a party, there are many aspects of these special occasions that you will need to organize and prepare properly, and one of the most important aspects is the food. Since there are so many things that you need to focus on organizing the event, you won’t have a lot of time preparing for the food since it is the activity that needs more time than the others.

Thankfully, you can hire a personal chef to cook the food for you on these special occasions, and there are plenty to choose from if you are living in Brisbane, Australia. To help you get a great private chef for your event, we are giving you several tips on how to select a personal chef in Brisbane.

Search for Personal Chef Websites

The easiest way for you to find personal chefs in your location is by looking for their websites on the internet. From there, you will immediately be able to see the services that these chefs offer for their customers. In addition, you will see the phone numbers at the bottom or at the top of the website that you can contact to talk to the chefs personally.

The websites usually put up reviews and testimonials from other customers about their service, so make sure that you read the reviews and see if the chef is really good at doing his job. Also, you will learn more about the chefs on their websites since almost all of them will provide a story of how they started cooking, to the techniques and skills that they learned over the years.

Take a Look at the Chef’s Menu

Once you have checked a website, you can go to their menu page and see which dishes you think your guests might like eating during the party. One of the best personal chef services in Brisbane, The Dinner Party Chef, mainly focuses on Lebanese food, such as the oven-baked kibbe, which is a spiced minced lamb that has two layers and is mixed with wheat, pine nuts, and onion, the lahem mishwe, a lamb and chicken skewer, and many more.

However, The Dinner Party Chef also offers a “World Food Menu” for those who may not like Lebanese food, and some of the tastiest dishes included in the menu are salmon steak, Greek salad, Jamaican jerk chicken, chocolate almond mousse, and ratatouille. It is essential to note that the World Food Menu is a fixed plate service that can accommodate six to eight people, while the Lebanese Menu has the “Mezza” service that can provide food for 12 people. Also, the Lebanese Menu has a gluten-free option for hosts and guests that want to control their diet.

See the Chef’s Services and Prices

After seeing the menu, you can then check out the chef’s services and prices for the food. For The Dinner Party Chef, the price for a small group of people that will get premium-quality ingredients in their Lebanese menu dishes will cost $120-$160 per head, which is fairly reasonable for dinner parties. The Lebanese Feast that can provide food for 12 people will cost $65-$85 per head, depending on the dishes chosen by the host of the party.  You can also see if they provide options like table bargain balloons, decorations and more.

The chef, Robert Bousamra, is not only limited to cooking food for groups, as he also offers a couple’s menu that has a price of $160-$250 per head. The couple’s menu allows the chef to cook the best food for the couple during their dates or honeymoons.

For the chef’s services, you would need to contact Robert first so that he will know which menu you would like to have in your party as well as the number of guests that will attend. The chef may suggest his best dishes if you are having a difficult time choosing in the menu, and he may even offer great combinations of appetizers, main dishes, salads, and desserts if you allow him to. Once you have decided on the menu, the chef will then inquire about the time of the party and the exact time of the guests’ arrival. By providing these timeslots, the chef will be able to calculate how many hours are needed to cook the food as well as the time that the food will arrive at the party.

Besides cooking dishes for parties, The Dinner Party Chef also offers private cooking classes for those who want to learn how to cook different types of dishes. The private cooking classes are open for groups who may want to incorporate cooking lessons in their parties or meetings.

Know How the Chef Will Prepare the Food

Some chefs may require you to buy the ingredients for them to cook, but others, like the Dinner Party Chef, will already buy the ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about shopping for groceries and just focus on the other aspects of the party. In order to make their food taste excellent, the best chefs would use fresh ingredients that they would often buy in the morning on the day that the party will be held.

The Dinner Party Chef has its own kitchen where the dishes will be cooked, and if ever there is still some extra cooking needed during the party, the chef will bring his own kitchen tools just in case. Cooking all the dishes on the menu would take up to six hours depending on their complexity, so you would need to be considerate of the preparation time in order for the chef to cook the dishes well.

With the help of technology, finding a personal chef for your parties has never been easier. Today, you can just turn on your smartphone or laptop, and you will be able to get a personal chef online in a matter of minutes. Checking the quality of their food and service is also quite easy, as you can swiftly search for reviews by just a press of a button. If you are planning to host a party soon, it is better that you consult not only your family but also the internet for the best and fastest methods for you to set up and organize the event.