Ideas for Adding a Blue Vanity to Your Bathroom

Upgrading a bathroom vanity can add more storage space, correct plumbing issues, and provide a fresh, new look to a space. With these benefits in mind, many homeowners replace older vanities with stylish new versions in eye-catching colors or styles. 

Replacing a vanity can be a DIY project, but it takes preparation. Whether you have a professional install a new vanity or do it yourself, it’s essential to choose a style that suits your needs and tastes.  

Upgrading a Vanity Can Change the Room

A bathroom vanity is a multi-purpose feature that is often the focal point of the room. As a result, changing the style can give your bathroom a whole new look.  

For example, exchanging an old-fashioned style for a more stylish version helps bring the space up to date and can even introduce an interesting pop of color. Instead of traditional whites and neutral colors, many decorators now recommend deeper colors, and shades of blue are trendy. Fortunately, if you want a blue vanity, providers offer a lot of great-looking options.

Decide on A Style

Changing vanities is a great way to ensure that home bathrooms are decorated in the same style as the rest of the house. It is common for homeowners to remodel as they can afford it, resulting in some outdated rooms. Just adding a trendy vanity to an outmoded space can give it new life. 

Suppliers offer vanities in a huge range of types and sizes, and it is critical to decide on a style before going shopping. For example, vanities for powder rooms are generally simpler and smaller. But, as HGTV professionals point out, if kids or teens use smaller bathrooms, they need to have enough counter space. Sellers offer everything from traditional to ultra-sleek modern styles in sizes for any need.

Single or Double Vanity?

The size of the bathroom and the number of people using the vanity are also considerations when looking at vanities. Most couples do better with double sinks, but not all spaces can accommodate them. Or, you could have enough space but prefer more counter space and just one sink.  

Suppliers offer various elegant, deep-blue vanities in single and double-sink varieties. Customers can find vanities that include counters and faucets, or. buy elements separately.

Professional or Self-Installation? 

Although sellers provide instructions that show how to install vanities and sites like the DIYNetwork offer tutorials, it takes preparation and some skill to do the job. It’s also essential to have all the tools and equipment required for the job. If you have experience with carpentry and plumbing, it might only take an hour or two to remove an old vanity and add a new one.  

The size of the vanity and its style determine how complex a job is. For instance, it is simpler to install a vanity that includes the top and faucet. Installation takes more time, work, and skill if these elements are separate.

One of the benefits of expert installation is that the job is guaranteed, and it is unlikely there will be leaks. A professional can remove an old vanity and add the new one quickly, and the work will be elegantly finished.  

Replacing an old vanity with a modern new one in a shade like deep blue is a terrific way to give a bathroom a facelift. Homeowners can choose from a range of styles and sizes that include single and double-sink vanities. Replacing a vanity can be a DIY project with the right preparation, or a professional can do the job quickly and efficiently.