Keep Your Home And Family Safe: Change Your Locks

Although most homeowners know which steps to take when securing their properties, fewer know why and when they should change the locks. Even if your home is otherwise secure, there are numerous reasons to get the locks changed. We’ll go over some of those reasons in the paragraphs below.

Lost and Misplaced Keys

We’ve all experienced those fleeting moments of panic and confusion. “But my keys were just in my hand five seconds ago!” Some of these stories have happy endings, but others do not. Instead of worrying about where your keys are and who may have them, consider hiring Action Lock Doc to change your locks.

Moving Into a New Home

You’ve signed the contract and are now a homeowner. Congratulations are in order! Moving into a new home is a lengthy process and changing the locks should be high on your to-do list. Even if the previous owner assures you that there’s only one set of keys, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Going Through a Family Dispute, Separation, or Divorce

If you’ve had a disagreement with a roommate or friend, or if you’re going through a marital separation or divorce, consider changing your home’s locks. Emotions often run high during these times, and it’s possible that a former friend or spouse would vandalize your home or take things as an act of revenge. Changing the locks, though, would prevent such occurrences.

Being the Victim of a Burglary or Home Invasion

Changing the locks after a home invasion or a burglary should be common sense. Once a home’s security has been compromised, it’s important to strengthen it again as soon as possible. While many of these crimes are random and only happen once, changing the locks will reduce the risk of a reoccurrence.

Lending Keys to Others

If you’ve left a key for a repairman, tenant, or service provider and never gotten it back, it’s best to change the locks out of an abundance of caution. Many times, people simply forget to return keys, but changing the locks will restore a sense of security.

Children Losing Their Keys

In many families, children get copies of house keys so they can get into the house when their parents are away. While it’s uncommon, children sometimes lend or lose their house keys. In such situations, it’s a good idea to change the locks occasionally.

Old, Worn, and Outdated Locks

Even the best and most secure house locks will start to show their age. As they get older, locks may become harder to operate safely. If you’re struggling to get your key in the lock and open the house door, consider booking an appointment with one of our locksmiths.

The Locks Haven’t Been Changed for Years

Finally, homeowners should change their locks periodically even in the absence of the above scenarios. Changing a home’s locks will allow the owner to gain the benefit of recent technological advances, and it also provides a higher level of security and reassurance.

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Here, we’ve listed eight of the best reasons for homeowners to change their locks. Whether you’re replacing old, worn-out locksets or rekeying them after a recent break-in, you can count on us to provide the fast, friendly service you need. Learn more about our services online or call us to schedule a visit.