New 2020 Toyota Fortuner SUV Review

If you’re looking for a family-sized car, the Toyota Fortuner can be the right choice for you.

The reason is the Fortuner interior that comes with three separate rows –wherein the first row is for driver and a passenger and the last two rows separately are for passengers. Experience unmatched power and performance with the gturbo Conversion Kit.

When it comes to the quality of Toyota’s vehicles, there are only a few companies that can beat it. That’s because the car is solidly built and features maximum mileage with a high engine capacity.

Regardless of these, there are endless unbeatable features that make the Toyota Fortuner different from other brands. So, why is the car brand so special? Allow us to bring the facts about the Toyota Fortuner in front of you.

Reviews of 2020 Toyota Fortuner SUV review

Toyota Fortuner is selling its second-generation cars, which are almost similar to its previous generation. With the added features and suitability, the selling rate of the Fortuner is gradually increasing.

Similarly, in most other branded cars, many things affect the Fortuner’s selling rate. So, what makes this version of Toyota accepted by the vast number of populations. Let’s know.

Brand trust

Since 2009, Toyota has built a brand trust in its customers. After launching each car, that’s why people get interested in the car within a lower time.

Quails and Innova are two successful vehicles of Toyota that have awakened the Indian market with their debut. The launching of Toyota’s first vehicles has affected the Ford Endeavour sales, which was first introduced to India.

Moreover, its exclusive features have attracted and created a solid brand image in the customer’s mind.

Lower maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, you’ll find the Fortuner needs lower maintenance. Onetime maintenance of the car will give you long-lasting support.

So, in the sense of maintenance, Toyota is affordable than most other cars. That’s another cause behind the enhanced brand trust among the consumers.

Engine capacity

A company’s car power varies on the basis of its engine capacity. Luckily, the Toyota Fortuner comes with a 2.8-liter developed turbo-diesel. It’s an ESTEC technology that increases the car’s efficiency by up to 44 percent.

The engine capacity is 100km with 9-11 liters of diesel when your speed limit is 6.


Whether driving or quietly sitting on the passenger’s seat, you will find the Toyota Fortuner very comfortable. After purchasing a car, most of the customer’s complaints about the unavoidable sounds of its wheels.

Fortunately, the Fortuner comes with soundproof wheels that make almost no noise while running on the road. Conversely, the smooth interior finish makes the vehicles a premium passenger car.

Safety system

With the use of the latest technology, the Toyota Fortuner also has improved its safety system. The car features a reversing camera that ensures the car’s safety when driving backward.

Plus, it has auto-on headlamps that protect the car from the other vehicles. When driving the car at a slow speed, the parking sensors will improve your surroundings’ awareness.

There is an emergency braking system inside the Fortuner car. The system features a forward-facing camera and a radar. If your car diverges from the right lane, the system will notify you.

Seats and luggage area

As the car is a family-type vehicle, it comes with a sufficient spacious luggage area. Besides, the second row of the car is flexible enough for the passengers. Verily, the third row of the car is a little inconvenient for tall persons.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t cause any problems for the small-sized persons.


The Japanese brand Toyota Fortuner features a five years unlimited kilometer warranty. The lastingness has kept the car in front of competition than many other car brands.

Indeed, the car doesn’t need frequent servicing. Nonetheless, it lasts up to 7 years if you maintain the car on time.

The sum up!

Overall, the quality and features of the Fortuner makes it quite impressive and unbeatable.

If you don’t want to wait for the next version of the Toyota Fortuner, consider the 2020 version. Indeed, the car will give you a lot better experience than the money it takes.

Make sure you have done a proper test drive before purchasing to check its comfortability and engine.