The Perfect Guide To Starting Your Woodworking Business

Meta description: Do you have a passion for woodworking and are determined to make it your full-time career? With this guide, you can now be successful at it! 

If you have a passion for woodwork and everything related to wood, it is natural that you dream about turning it into a business. Wood is versatile. You can create anything you want with it, and the only limit you have is your imagination. So having your woodwork business is a smart choice because of the immense demand for this material. Plus, if you can do it right, you can earn a six-figure income doing something you love. How cool is that?

However, setting up a business is not a piece of cake. There are many aspects and practicalities to go through. Even though you have a passion for woodwork, sometimes it isn’t enough. There are specific business strategies that you need to give much attention to. Knowing the right tricks of business can help your small startup reach great heights, and today we will crack just how to do it.

In this article, we will guide and show you how you can set up your woodwork business so that you can showcase your passion to the world and reap its benefits in the most efficient way possible. If you are someone who wants to convert this passion into a full-time career,  read on to know the next steps.

Look For The Right Space

Having a suitable space is essential for your woodworking business. If you have ample space to work with already, congratulations, you can start without any worries. However, if you don’t want to get a room and choose to work in your apartment, there might be some issues. There are many tools, big and small, needed for woodworking, and you can end up with a crowded space. Chances are you might make the area so crowded that you need to put production on hold until things sell out. 

A top-notch workshop is essential for a successful woodworking business. Every successful business needs to have a space that separates the owner’s work and personal life; a woodworker should have a fully functioning workshop. Now, are you wondering, what does a workshop contain? It must have a bench for the wood and appropriate places to hang tools. The area must be well-ventilated and well-lit.  

Some other reasons necessitate a separate space. For instance, the things you will make won’t sell out immediately as you work on new products. So, you will have to keep creating, storing, and waiting for things to sell. They can make your space fill up quicker than you expect, making it congested to work. Plus, if you work in your apartment, the noises might bother your neighbors. Hence, consider getting your workshop soundproof to avoid unnecessary noise pollution. 

You will need a relatively large space for all of the lumber, tools, and machines for woodworking, somewhere that you won’t disturb anybody when running big machinery.

Get Yourself the Right Tools

Now that you’ve got the space, you need the tools. Tools are the building blocks for your business. You can choose to start with essential equipment, but you will have to upgrade it with time. Various sanding tools, saws, joiners, axes, and many more are essential for this work. 

If you’re serious about turning woodwork into a lifetime activity, consider getting yourself various tools and stuff that won’t limit you to building one product only. For instance, get tools that you can use to make bigger things like wardrobes and small things like chopsticks. 

Lastly, don’t buy cheap tools. Invest in high-quality tools that will last in the long run, allowing you to spend less money as cheaper tools wear out and stop working in a few months. You can research the tools on websites like, where you can find a list of tools you need to build your workshop with ease!

Deciding What To Build Or Sell

As you start, don’t overdo yourself. Start making things that are your expertise. For example, if you’ve made chopsticks targeting Asian cuisines and are good at it, start making those first. Next, watch out for your limit. If you have built chairs and tables all your life, you might not do great at making wardrobes. Check if the tools you have are appropriate for the current projects or not. It’s okay to start small. Remember, what you are trying to achieve here is steady growth. Don’t rush and insist on building things that you will fail at and create a disaster. Go at your own pace and build on it. If you are confused thinking where to begin, here is a list:





Floors & Interiors

Furniture Making

Pet Houses

Cabinet Making

Basket Weaving

Chip carving

Making Wooden Crates

Craft Supplies

Beer Mugs

Jewelry Boxes

Card Holders and many more. 

When you are selling products, you have to get the proper packaging and courier service to deliver. Start advertising your business in your area to save the shipping cost. Next, if you see growth and are confident to expand, find the appropriate courier delivery service that can fit in your profit margin. You must look for providers who can provide you with the best service and comfort. 

Finding the Right People and Advertising

Now that you have built your items, who are you trying to sell these to? Who is your target audience? Are you making baseball bats for popular Korean Sports enthusiasts? Making pet houses for pet lovers? Or building furniture items for the interior designers? You must find the type of audience you wish to sell your craft to. It will save you tons of time and energy. You must not only be competitive in the business world, but you also keep bringing something different to live up to the hype and getting listed so more people can notice you and help your business grow. 

You can easily find the right people by advertising your craft first. Nobody knows about the talent you have. So it would help if you let others know about you. Create social media accounts and websites, and post videos and pictures of your craft online. You can go for offline methods like banners and posters. These are powerful advertising tools, and if they are used correctly, your woodwork business will skyrocket in no time. 

Hire Employee and Take Business Measurements

As you begin to scale your small workshop into your big dream, you need to get yourself some helping hands. Most SMEs rely on Excel sheets and manual data entry as a start-up. But as your business grows, those methods become less effective. Find suitable and affordable software at to manage your financials, sales, and operations effectively. It will help you with the production and save the headache of doing everything on your own. Try to find people with different skills to allocate them to build other things to bring uniqueness. Hire employees only if you can give them satisfactory remuneration. Employment satisfaction is an important aspect. 

Taking business measures includes separating your accounts personally and professionally. It is an optional step but can help you keep track of your expenses. Get business insurance, credit card, and accounts. Keep a monthly expense tracker of how much you spend on the woods, tools, and other aspects. Track your profits and yields. All these can aid in strengthening your business further. 

Some Extra FAQs To Help You Further

What goes on a typical day at a woodworking business?

You will be primarily busy carving wood, making wood products, sourcing for good, and creating their business. 

What are some skills and experiences needed for this business? 

You must know how to carve wood and operate machines. You must also be creative with your designs. 

How much does it cost to start a woodwork business?

The starting costs are for getting tools and materials. 

What are the costs that we need to pay attention to in the future? 

Getting materials, upgrading machines, paying rent, and salaries for the employees (if you expand your business). 


Now, using this guide, your ideal woodwork business is just a few steps away! One key thing to remember is to keep learning. Keep upgrading your skills so you can make bigger and better things to run your business efficiently. A business person should never stop looking for efficient ways to make themselves stand out. Good luck with your venture!

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