Things You Need to Know About Built-in Wardrobes

Built-in wardrobes can be fitted in any bedroom from the floor to the ceiling to create space and add functionality.

Embracing built-in wardrobes creates ample storage space. These wardrobes will also increase the value of your home. And wardrobes are a must have for every home.

However, you need to know some things about built-in wardrobes before you place your order. Let’s have a look style options for built-in wardrobes!

They Can Fit Into Any Space

Got an awkward looking corner in your bedroom and aren’t sure how to make the most use of it? Well, a custom made wardrobe is the prefect idea. A built-in wardrobe can be fitted into the most akward corners and still achieve functionality.

It will easily fit into the design of your bedroom, and still look stylish. If you are worried about the dark corners, all you need to do is fix some good lighting and you are set.

Tailor-Made According to Your Needs

Built in wardrobes can be customised to fit your needs and preferences. You can easily add all the accessories you need, including a shoe rack, lights, drawers, shelves, hanging rails, and cupboards.

With a made to order, you get exactly what you want. You can even choose the colour, material and finish you want for your bespoke wardrobe.

You Can Choose the Measurements You Need 

With these wardrobes, you will have the freedom to choose the size you need. Begin by checking if your ceiling has a level height throughout your room.

If the ceiling’s height is not leveled, it is vital to adjust the built-in wardrobe measurements.

Apart from that, you should also take the time to confirm if your floor is leveled throughout the room. Make the necessary adjustments according to your findings.

The Doors Make a Difference

You need to look at your bedroom’s size and shape when choosing a built-in wardrobe since it influences the type of doors you will choose.

If your room is small, go for a built-in wardrobe fitted with mirrors to make your room feel and look bigger. In addition to that, settle for built-in wardrobes with sliding doors to save as much space as possible.

Shelving Options

The shelving option will influence the functionality of your wardrobes. That is why you should go for shelving options that provide maximum functionality.

You can check the space of your inbuilt wardrobe for you to identify the ideal shelving option.

For small spaces, choose a ventilated wireframe.  It is advisable to go with a Formica shelf if you prefer a tailor-made option. Give the melamine and laminated shelves a try to determine what works for you.

Consider Accessibility

When looking for the perfect built-in wardrobes, it is best to take time and consider accessibility. Analyse your bedroom to determine how the doors will open.

After doing that, you should proceed to choose the ideal spot for increased accessibility and functionality.

What’s your Style?

Consider the style of your space. Will the built-in wardrobe match the colour and finish of your home? Matching your entire home’s colour will improve the overall outlook of your bedroom.


How much are you willing to spend on a built-in wardrobe? There are so many options available to suit every budget need.

While there are big companies that will mass produce wardrobes, there small ones that will make for you a customised built in wardrobe according to your needs. The best thing is to buy your wardrobe from a professional company that will cater to your needs and preferences

A built in wardrobe is better than a standing wardrobe since it provides more storage for your accessories and garments. Not only that, but built-in wardrobes will make your bedroom look cosy and neat.

It is also a great investment since it increases the perceived value of your home. Besides, built-in wardrobes have minimal maintenance requirements. Consider your needs and the size of your bedroom to pick the ideal built-in wardrobe.