Three Design Elements That Can Make Your Staircase Stand Out

It is 2021 and there is absolutely no reason why you should have a boring staircase. Most people go for a basic staircase structure when designing their homes, but a unique staircase contributes to the beautiful outlook of the home. Follow staircase ideas because staircases are in trends nowadays that make your house beautiful. Below are three design elements that can make your staircase and staircase parts stand out.

  • Wooden Handrails: This might sound like an old and archaic concept to you, but it has stayed relevant with the changing times. Wooden handrails are a classic style that adds a feel of vintage excellence to the outlook of your home. One interesting thing about wooden rails is that it goes well with modern design. Rather than looking odd when combined with metal or glass steps, wooden handrails bring a beautiful contrast which makes it a great choice. The brown color of wood also gives the home a warmth that comes with nature. Wooden handrails are also sturdy, durable, and easy to maintain. Before installing wooden handrails, it is important to make sure that you are making use of high-quality wood. You do not want your handrails having problems a few months after installation. If you have no prior knowledge of woodwork, consult a professional to put it through the process.
  • Install Black Iron Balusters: One part of the staircase that is not given enough attention during design is the balustrade. Installing beautiful balusters can give your staircase the instant uplift that your home requires. Black iron balusters are one of the most impressive balustrade designs that you can choose. Black iron balusters are eye-catching and will give your home an outlook of elegance. Combining black iron balusters with iron handrails is a no-brainer, as they complement each other nicely. Black iron balusters also go well with woodwork and glass, so you can combine these materials just how you want. One important quality of black iron balusters is that they work well with any color scheme, so you do not need to worry about contrasts when designing your home.
  • Make Room For Lighting: In many homes, staircases are the most shadowed and darkest areas. Poor lighting makes your space appear small and confining, so it is best to avoid that. A poorly lit staircase also hardly shows the beauty of your design. You can achieve proper lighting for your staircase by using a glass panel balustrade along with open risers. Using these elements, the light will flow through your stairway, and in turn, leaving your home well lit. A staircase that has good lighting also aids interior design, as the light makes all the features of the home look better.


A beautiful staircase might be the missing piece that your home needs to reach its aesthetic potential. Using any of the tips above will provide great results and leave your home looking as beautiful as you have never seen it before. Make sure to use high-quality materials and you can be sure to give your staircase a facelift.