Top 8 ways to remove coffee stains

The most terrible and disturbing things to happen is to spill the coffee on your appealing shirt. Particularly when you are busy, or you are enroute to an event, school or anywhere. These sorts of mishaps are a typical event which makes you unable to use the clothes again. Getting off the stain is an endeavour on its own. Understanding all the difficulties, we bring to you some brilliant hacks that will help remove your coffee stains from the best coffee beans with ease.

1. Use salt

Salt is one of the magic ingredients that take away the coffee strain and leaves the things as new. All you need to do is grab some table salt and drop them on the place of the coffee spilt. You will see that salt seeping through the fabric very soon. In some time, you can very well see the unbelievable happening right in front of you. Then you should take some tissue paper or a cloth to rub the stain of coffee beans by applying pressure on it. By doing so, you will be able to stop the strain from spreading to other places. If you repeat this process, in a few mins, you will be able to remove the coffee stain, leaving the cloths or place as new.

2. The wonder of White Vinegar

Though using white vinegar makes you want to throw-up because of the smell, it is effective in doing the job. You need to take a little quantity of white vinegar soaked in a towel or a cloth, then gently rub it on the stain. Once this step is over successfully, you can wash your clothes. For heavier coffee stains, take a bucket with water and pour more quantity of vinegar in it. Then allow your cloths or the stained material to soak in it for overnight. Wash after this process and, you will be amazed to see the results.

3. Baking Soda

We all have baking soda lying around the kitchen without any use. If you have stained your shirt or other material while drinking coffee, it comes to your rescue. All you need is a wet cloth or an old toothbrush. Soak well the stained material and sprinkle some soda on the stain. Let it to dry for some time and then scrub the area. This method is not that effective to remove the stain, but can very well conceal it.

4. Rubbing Alcohol

Sometimes these coffee strains will stress you to a great deal. If spilt somewhere on carpet or couch, removing them will be a tedious job. There is one vital ingredient that will make your job easy and will save your efforts. Take a little amount of rubbing alcohol which is common in every household. Pour the liquid in a sponge or a scrubber and rub it well on the stain. If required, you can also add some water in between. Once, the scrubbing is over take a wet cloth and wash off the stain. It comes away quickly like a wonder.

5. Baby Powder

Sometimes it is better to conceal the strains than to remove it. Have you got any small sprinkles of coffee stains on your shirt or anywhere? Do not worry just one product will help you with all the disasters. Baby powder is another best thing that will help you to hide small spots of coffee stains occurred during consumption. Just dump a lot of powder, over the stain. After some time using a soft cloth or a tissue paper remove off the excess powder. You will be able to see the difference.

6. Lemon

This main ingredient vanishes the stain of your coffee beans. From cooking to cleaning, this ingredient has proved to be the best tool. It is going to be your lifesaver from the coffee stains. Take a lemon that which is in your refrigerator. Squeeze its juice on the strain and leave some time for it, to get absorbed well. Then scrub using the lemon itself. Once all these are over, put the stained cloth to wash and the results will amaze you.

7. Use a stain pen

There is nothing worse than accidentally spilling coffee on yourself at your workplace or anywhere outside. Getting a stain pen and keeping it with you always can save you from a great deal of embarrassment. It is easy to use and also very affordable when compared to other products that are in the market. It just conceals the stains as if they are gone, and none can tell the difference.

8. Detergent and hot water

This technique is the way old one practised by all homemakers. It is effective and efficient. You will never need any particular ingredient or any magic pen to make the strain disappear. All you need is a bucket full of hot water and some quantity of detergent. Apply some detergent liquid or powder over your coffee stain and then soak the stained cloth in hot water, for an hour. Then take out the cloth and scrub it well using the same detergent. It is the best handy way to remove the coffee stain with ease.