Top Flour Uses

Flour is an essential commodity in a household, mainly due to its versatility. Flour has various uses besides baking and is among the staple items in our kitchen cabinets. Baking flours come in various varieties, depending on your preference and taste.

Most baking flours have a long lifespan and can stay for up to eight months when stored correctly. However, most people throw this versatile product away if they exceed their lifespan, which should not be the case.

Below we discuss other bread flour uses besides baking.

1. Ant Repellant

The most shocking use of flour besides baking is repelling ants. People with ant problems should pour a line where they get in and out to eliminate them. This move is effective because ants do not love the feel or taste of flour, meaning they will avoid your premises as much as possible.

2. It Rejuvenates Playing Cards

People who love playing car games probably have grime and dirt on their deck, which hinders proper gaming. However, you can easily freshen them up by putting all cards in a bag filled with flour and shaking it well.

The next step should be removing the bag and wiping off all remaining flour using a dry and clean cloth. Flour cleans these cards by absorbing moisture, grime, and other residues, leaving them in the best state.

3. It Helps Control Acne

Gone are the days when you had to worry about spots on your face, as you can quickly apply a paste that generally consists of flour and honey. This paste should be concealed using a plaster and left overnight for the best results.

The area should be cleaned the following morning properly, and the spot will be smaller.

4. Cleans Copper

Another unpopular use of flour is it is used to clean copper. You can make a paste of salt, flour, and white vinegar, which is effective when cleaning copper. Equal parts of salt and flour should be put into a bowl to create a paste.

This paste should then be spread on the copper surface and allowed to settle until it dries. It will help if you rinse the spot using warm water for the best results.

5. Dry Shampoo

You no longer have to panic whenever you run out of dry shampoo at your house, as you can work with flour instead. The flour should be sieved properly to eliminate all clumps before being applied to the hair roots using a brush.

The flour should then be left for one hour and brushed off to eliminate excess flour. However, it is advisable to do this procedure in the shower space to avoid wetting your entire floor. The flour absorbs your hair oil, making it look fresher.

6. Cloud Dough

It is also possible to make cloud dough for children using wheat. This dough is moldable, and most children love playing with it.

Final Thoughts

Flour is available in different types and has various uses most people do not know. The above article has discussed its top uses; you can contact us for more.