Top Ways To Enjoy a Romantic Weeknight

Are you too busy to get some time off on the weekends? Would you like to maximize whatever free time you have to spend romantic moments with your loved one? How can you infuse a quixotic vibe to a weeknight?

Romance should be an ongoing effort between lovers. To keep love alive, it doesn’t matter if it is the weekend or just another weeknight. What is important is that you find creative ways of tickling your loved one’s fancy. Do you want to know where arawan thai spa limited s located? Please check here to know.

Whether you book a table in one of the finest restaurants in your corner of the world or prepare a surprise gourmet dinner at home, you can fan the flames of love by using some of the ideas we have compiled below:

Open Doors to Romantic Opportunities

When you love someone, you try your best to make it known. You can express your emotions through words or you can also display them through actions. Whatever your love language may be, the effort, thought, and time that you put into it is what matters the most.

However, there are instances when showing or expressing your affection to your loved one can be quite challenging because of time constraints. There are times when you may be swamped with work or business. It can also be the other way around where your other half may also be occupied with their own daily activities. In this fast and furious world, sometimes, time can be very hard to find.

This is why when you want to express your romantic feelings, taking time out for your loved one can be a really big deal. It’s not so easy for everyone to find an opportune time to set the mood and go on a romantic rendezvous.

Normally, couples would look to the weekend for time together. When you’re a working guy or girl, the weekends are usually the only time when you get a break from your routine. Sometimes, even the weekends become unavailable. Adjusted work hours, pandemic considerations, or other unavoidable circumstances can rob you of your supposedly romantic weekend.

Not to worry, though, as there are still those rare weeknights you can use to help you cover some romantic ground. Even though it’s not the weekend together you envision, you can still make it memorable and special.

From ordering fine food online to setting up a romantic film viewing experience, there are ways to keep the romance alive in your relationship:

1. Decadent Dinner

After a long day at work, you can still make your chosen weeknight wonderful by booking a table at a fine dining restaurant.

Create a dreamy ambiance by making reservations at one of the hottest and most sought-after restaurants in town. You can even secure a secluded corner where you can spend delightful conversation as you savor the delectable cuisine and refreshing beverages on the menu.

If you want to take things to a higher level, there are top-tier restaurants that offer concierge services, too. From sending a limo (or even a helicopter) to fetch your loved one to the exclusive attention and service you get from the restaurant staff, you and your significant other can relish a luxurious dining experience any evening you choose.

2. Fine Dining at Home

If dining out is not an option, then you can still satisfy your epicurean cravings at home. When you want to eat good food, you can bring the luxury dining experience from your favorite restaurant delivered right at your doorstep. Just call a premier restaurant and order in anything and everything that can make your tummy happy.

Make sure you order from a restaurant that prides itself on using only the freshest ingredients. You can choose from a specially curated menu that is prepared by highly skilled chefs and meticulously packed for delivery so you can enjoy its flavorful goodness within the comfort of your own home.

Another good thing about ordering online is that it also helps you save on time. You can order in ahead of time and ask for the food to be delivered within a specific hour. This gives you ample time to prepare at home.

Whether you are ordering in gourmet burgers complete with succulent cuts of tender meat or going for healthy salads and desserts, setting up your space to make it an ideal venue for a romantic dinner will surely get you plus points.

3. Bubbly Time

Lift up your weeknight spirits by tossing in some bubbly time. Celebrate your love by preparing a bubble bath for your loved one. When the day has been tough, you can surely lift his or her spirits with a refreshing soak in the tub.

After a filling dinner, set up the bathroom with scented candles or essential oils. Lavender is a scent that’s popular for its stress-relieving properties. You can then pipe in some soft and relaxing music. A good book may also be a nice option if your partner is fond of reading.

To top it off, pop a bottle of your other half’s favorite bubbly and toast to a night of effervescent fun.

4. Rest and Relaxation

Another loving move is to create a spa-like ambiance at home for an evening of rest and relaxation. You can literally massage your loved one’s cares away by giving him or her a massage.

If giving massages is not your strong suit, then you can also arrange for spa service at home. You can get a couple’s massage and let the expert hands of massage therapists knead your stresses away.

Again, you can enhance the mood by creating a soothing environment. Set up a quiet room (or perhaps play relaxing music or nature sounds), light up some aromatherapy candles or sticks, and prepare soft and comfy robes to change into after the spa session.

5. Flicks and Chill

You can also recreate a date night by setting up a movie theater setting.

Start with a satisfying dinner that you can eat before your favorite movie flick or during film viewing.

Just dial in some gourmet food from your favorite restaurant and order in some cheesy pida, Wagyu durung, or some crisp American sweet potato with beef bacon on the side. Down some fruity spritzers, healthy cocktails, or maybe even a margarita to wash down the tasty treats. Have some desserts ready to make the evening sweeter.

If you’re watching a series, maybe you can grab a pack of blackpink oreo for a sweet snack or even pop some popcorn to get that buttery aroma in the air and make it feel like you’re really in a cinema and enjoying a movie date.

Turn Ordinary to Extraordinary

When you want to keep the romance alive, you have to make a conscious effort to do so.

Time is a very important factor when planning a romantic date and when you do not have enough, you can turn to the abovementioned ideas.

Whether it is spending a lovely evening having a decadently luxurious dinner at a fine dining restaurant or having gourmet dishes delivered to your door, you always have an option to express your emotions to your loved one.


Mohamed Farzad is the Director of Nippon Group of Companies. One of the Nippon Hospitality Division’s premium projects is Doors Freestyle Grill, a premium steakhouse and international fusion cuisine-lifestyle dining concept set across the spellbinding Al Seef heritage district in Dubai.