Uses of Pure Henna Powder

Henna has gained quite popularity worldwide over the last few years. People use it as a natural dye alternative as well as to create temporary tattoos. But there is a lot more to it. This miracle product acts as a great hair conditioner, strengthening, anti-dandruff treatment and is also used in Ayurveda.

If you get your hands on a one hundred percent organic henna powder, you can use it in numerous ways. I am listing the top uses of henna dyes below:

As a Hair Colorant

This one is the most common way to use henna powder. There is no denying the fact that chemical dyes can ruin the health of your hair if used repeatedly. Luckily, there is a way to cover grey hair while making your hair stronger.

You can use pure henna powder and also mix it with indigo powder to achieve the color of your choice. There are a lot of brands that offer a wide array of henna colors. Choose one according to your hair color and replace box dyes.

Hair Conditioner

Henna powder is free from any chemicals and hence, it does not penetrate through the shaft of your hair. It forms a protective layer over hair strands, imparting amazing strength to it. As a result, your hair becomes extremely smooth, silky, and manageable.

You can make your very own conditioner by mixing henna powder, curd, and a bit of lemon juice. Apply it to your hair after shampoo, let it sit for 2 to 3 hours, and wash off.

Scalp Care Mask

Henna can soothe your scalp. A lot of times problems such as hair fall arise due to the presence of dandruff. Henna nourishes your scalp, prevents dryness, and helps fight dandruff which leads to great quality hair. All you need is a henna powder, a teaspoon of mustard oil, and soaked methi seeds (overnight). Blend all the ingredients to create a smooth paste.

Apply it to your roots and massage it in for about 30 minutes. You can also apply it to your ends but focus mainly on the roots. Wash off with lukewarm water and let it air dry. Repeat this process once a week and you will see a noticeable difference in the quality of your hair. This one is certainly one of my favorite ways to use henna.

Impermanent Tattoos

Tattoos make you look edgy and cool but do you want to commit to something like that. A great way to satisfy your inner tattoo craving is by going for an impermanent henna tattoo. You can create a paste out of henna powder and water and then transfer it to a cone. That’s it. Your very own cone can be used to create new fun tattoos each time.

Henna tattoos are a part of major festivities in many cultures. Unfortunately, many readymade cones are loaded with chemicals and can irritate your skin. It’s better to be safe and create your cones with the help of an organic henna powder.

So, these were my top favorite ways to use henna. Which one is your favorite?