What Does a Tree Surgeon Do?

If you are thinking about hiring a tree surgeon then it helps to know what a tree surgeon actually does! After all, they are the owners of the best chain sawmill, chainsaw, wood chippers, elevated platforms, and have training in chainsaw use, tree climbing and elevated work. They often work in rubbish weather and are committed enough to travel long distances. So what do they do and why hire them?

Tree surgeon responsibilities

Tree surgeons are as the name suggests tree experts. A big part of their focus is removing unwanted limbs and branches. They look for things like cracked limbs, dead wood, splits, and such that are a result of things like disease, strong wind, lightning and heavy snow. A common job a tree surgeon is called in for is a crown lifting. This is where they fix crowned branches that are sweeping too low by cutting under branches or lifting them up, to create more space. In the winter a tree surgeon might do things like removing unwanted trees with chainsaw and other equipment which you might then use your best chain sawmill for using the wood. In the summer as well as thinning trees and helping to strengthen them with bolts and cables they also do branch removal and tidying up.

Tree surgeon versus arborist

While the two terms are sometimes used interchangeably in fact they are two separate professionals, though their roles cross over. A tree surgeon is like our medical surgeons, they remove and cut things down when it is necessary. The arborist is more like a doctor or healer. They will diagnose, treat diseases, help trees flourish and help them become as healthy as possible. They can look at soil types, insect populations, and so on. Where they may perform some pruning and trimming of trees, if all you need is a tree or stump removal you might choose a tree surgeon. If you also need help with the health of other trees then you might bring in an arborist. In some cases, the company may employ both experts to work for them. Either way, both come with their own equipment like a chainsaw mill if needed.

Qualifications of tree surgeon

One of the main things about the arborist and the tree surgeon is their training and qualifications are different. An arborist needs to know more about trees, soils, disease and how to care for them. A tree surgeon needs a combination of academic and on-site training. Chainsaw use, tree climbing, mobile platform work, felling small trees, aerial rescue, wood chipping, are all things a tree surgeon needs to know. In most cases becoming a tree surgeon also includes apprenticeships as well as training and learning.

When you are thinking of hiring an arborist or tree surgeon talk to them about your issue and they can better help you workout who you need and what tools are required for the job. If you want to keep the log from the felling and it is not diseased you could use your chainsaw mill to cut your own lumber and make something in place of the tree you have had to have removed.