What is Tepache

Fermented brews originating from the pre-Hispanic cultures contain different properties. Tepache is one of these properties. It is an enjoyable drink from a Mexican menu that delivers refreshing effects. When the sun is up and burning, this is an ideal drink to sip while sitting under a shade. It goes with just about anything and perfect for lifting your spirits. Tepache delivers more than just deliciousness in a beverage. It has plenty of beneficial abilities that aid the well-being of the consumer. What’s even better, this nutritious drink can be made at home with the right ingredients. Read on to find out more about this Mexican beverage.

Tepache de Piña, as is called by the Mexicans or pineapple beer, is a Mexican drink that has pineapple peels as the main ingredient. Initially, tepache was produced by fermenting corn with brown sugar as a sweetener. Technically, it is a brew that comes from fermenting the scrapings of pineapple. How does it come to be? Yeast that’s typically everywhere and on pineapple peel is harnessed to make this drink. When provided with sugar (where yeast thrives), it creates zest as well as carbonation.

How will it taste? With yeast involved, you are sure to get a ting of sourness and fizz. Your drink can either taste like cider, sweet, or beer-sour. The carbonation added delivers the fizzy and sparkling zing resulting in a flavorfully nutritious drink.

Nutritional Benefits

Tepache is a flavorful drink that provides plenty of nutritional and health benefits. Since it comes from fruits, it hosts a plethora of nutrients. Vitamin C, manganese, calcium, and phosphorous are examples of the nutrients included in it. Packed with bromalin and other useful enzymes, the drink aids digestion. Additionally, it has several antioxidants that help in removing harmful substances in the human body.

Helps with Microbiome

Fermentation is a process that provides a conducive environment for good bacteria, fungi, and microbiome. Since the drink involves fermentation, it develops strains of the probiotic bacterium for the gastric system. It also generates prebiotics such as lactoferrin that encourages the growth of good bacteria.

Food Preservative

Since time immemorial, fermentation has been a process used for food or drink preservation. That is how you can obtain yogurt and cheese from milk, wine from fermented grapes, beer from grain, and so on. When added to certain foods, the food will remain fresh for longer.

Fight Infections

Since tibicos is contained in this Mexican beverage, it revives the tissues damaged by trauma and persistent infections. It also aids in relieving colitis and urinary infections. Some consumers report that it aids in weight loss.

With all the benefits a glass of tepache provides, it is indeed worth every penny. However, some people don’t like the beverage because of the sour taste it presents. The addition of brown sugar makes it more acceptable by a larger crowd. You are probably itching to know how to make this drink. Here are simple steps to making it.

How to Make a Tepache at Home

Ingredients: pineapple peel, tap water, and brown sugar


  • Wash the pineapple scraps and cut them into big chunks.
  • Add brown sugar to a bowl or jar, then add water. Stir until completely dissolved.
  • Add the peels and add more water until they fully submerge.
  • Using a kitchen towel or layers of paper towel, cover the drink. Ensure to secure the top with a rubber band.
  • Place it in a dark room at room temperature and leave it for three days.
  • On the third day, bubbles will have formed at the top to mean it’s ready. Take it and drink or keep it in a bottle.


Understanding what a tepache is, you can drink it better. If you want to taste the best of this drink, you can find it online. There are plenty of varieties available for your enjoyment.