What Preventative Care Looks Like for Your Cat

The world of being a cat parent is a pretty wonderful one. For those who have taken this wonderful step and love it, they can hardly consider a reality where they aren’t a cat parent. These wonderful feline friends have a way of not just getting into the heart of their owner, but taking it over.

From the moment you bring home your little kitten you know that your life will forever be changed. For first-time cat owners, there are a lot of new experiences that can seem overwhelming. The toys, the litter box, the taxi for transporting, it can start to feel like a never-ending list of things you need to simply have a cat. In the midst of this, it can feel like cat insurance might be something you can wait on or a purchase that is easy enough to sidestep for the moment.

While it can seem overwhelming to become a new cat parent, there are certain areas that you shouldn’t sidestep, and corners that shouldn’t be cut, and your cat’s health is one of them. A cat, dog, or pet of any kind represents a significant amount of investment.

The cost of getting a new cat isn’t small and it also continues over time. The food, treats, and toys will all have to be refreshed regularly. Not only that but there’s an emotional investment that you are making. These feline friends become part of your family and will grow to mean a lot to you.

One of the best ways that you can help to support your cat’s potential to live a full and healthy life, is by investing in preventative care. Thankfully, when it comes to preventive care, there are insurance plans that can help make this effective and affordable so that getting your pet the care it needs doesn’t have to hurt your pocketbook.

Before looking at the different coverage options for the best cat insurance, let’s first look at what preventive care is and how it can help your cat live a long, full life.

What Exactly Is Preventative Care?

Preventive care is a powerful tool that can be used to prevent health care crises from occurring. The concept behind this form of health care is simply that by monitoring regularly and supplying needed nutrition and therapeutic options, you can prevent health complications further down the line.

Preventative health care focuses on annual exams, nutritional intake, and supplemental support to promote overall health. It should be noted that preventative care is not a fail-safe system that will work to protect your cat from accidents or some chronic or age-related illness. However, it can help to bolster a stronger, healthier system that is better equipped to handle age-related issues as they come.

Annual or Semi-Annual Physical Exams

Getting your cat a physical exam on an annual or semi-annual basis is a powerful way of helping to ensure that they are staying healthy.

Cat’s can tend to cope very well with adverse health so it can be hard to actually tell if they are sick or struggling. Having some kind of regular exam will create a baseline that can be used to help monitor your cat’s health and make you aware of changes in a timely manner.

Blood Work

One of the greatest tools for preventive care is diagnostics. Getting your cat’s blood work done and having it evaluated by a licensed professional is one of the most thorough methods of knowing the state of your cat’s health.

Specialized Diets and Supplements

It’s not uncommon for cats or pets of any kind to develop gastrointestinal issues as they get older. This could be a result of age or even a disposition that certain breeds have. Either way, finding a way to make sure that your cat has a diet that is made to strengthen their health and work well with their digestive system is key to long-term health.

Another way that preventive care can help your cat is through supplements and vitamins that your local veterinarian’s office can direct you to. These supplements can help to strengthen your cat’s immune, digestive, and even cardiac system.

How to Get Coverage That Works For You

While getting your cat the care it needs to live a full, happy life is very important, it does come at a price. Unfortunately, while most communities have access to veterinarian offices, animal clinics, and specialists, these services can add up over time and be a financial burden.

This is one of the reasons pet insurance can help you make sure that you always have access to the care your cat deserves. Insurance plans don’t just have to cover catastrophic events like illness and accidents, they can also cover more long-term options like preventive care.

Pet Insurance That Makes Sense

Just like the relationship between you and your cat is unique and one a kind, so also is the kind of coverage that you want to get. Being sure to choose a pet insurance provider that has flexible rates that can be structured to fit your needs at your price point is important. One of the main reasons you’re getting insurance for your cat is to better be prepared to financially handle the cost of their health care.

So, working with an insurance provider like Spot Pet Insurance where trained professionals can help put together a plan that works for you is important. These plans can cover everything from illness, accidental, preventive, and much more. Putting together a plan that covers what you think is important is foundational to having the peace of mind you need for your pet.


Getting cat insurance for the first time can seem like a lot to handle, but it’s an investment that’s well worth the effort. If you want to figure out more about how preventive care can help your cat, check out Spot Pet Insurance and talk to a trained professional who can help you find the coverage that makes sense for your cat.