What to Do if Your Dog Goes Into Heat

When their dog goes through its heat cycle, dog owners should notice signs that their pet feels uncomfortable. When they start becoming aware of the signs, it is time to figure out what to do as they take their dogs out in the world to face the heat phases. Among changes to look for, the dogs may have low energy levels, and as they become fertile, the dog’s behavior can change. Further, the pet may have a bloody discharge, urinate more often and lick their private area.

Look Out for Energy Levels in Female Dogs

A female dog in heat will typically have lower energy levels. Dog owners need to spend more time with their dogs during this part of the cycle. Take the dog into the backyard and play games with them but don’t go overboard. Take them inside after a few minutes and cuddle up on the sofa to watch a movie or give them rubs. Female dogs should stay away from male dogs so they don’t get pregnant.

Want to Prevent a Pregnancy? 

It’s common when walking a dog to pass other pet owners in the neighborhood or dog park. Be extra careful not to let the dog off his leash, as the female dogs are apt to run off with another dog and the next thing you know, you’ve got puppies on your hand. Dogs are very fertile when going through heat, so it’s imperative to keep your eyes on the dogs at all times when in public places.

Their Behavior Changes

Dog owners know their pets very well and will be able to tell if something changes. They may notice their pets getting nervous or having aggressive behavior. The dog owner may observe their pet growling at some dogs or becoming more friendly with other breeds. That could mean their dogs are about to be in the heat cycle. If this happens, people need to make sure their dog does not leave their side and run away. Their collar needs to have their owner’s information because it’s a possibility that the dog could slip out of its leash and run loose.

Bloody Discharge is Common

Another sign your dog might be in heat is a bloody discharge. If a dog owner is unprepared for their dog being in heat, this may catch them by surprise, but it is best to stay calm. Clean it up right away and bathe the dog, too. Make sure to speak in a soothing voice. This way the dog won’t think they’re in trouble. To avoid bloody messes, dog owners may want to purchase diapers for their pets.

Urinating Frequently and Licking Their Private Area

Owners may start to notice the number of times their dog wants to go outside. They will urinate frequently and will start licking their private area while on walks. If people have had their female dog’s ovaries removed and shouldn’t be going through heat cycles, take the dog to the vet to see if something else is going on. If the dog hasn’t had its ovaries removed, let them lick themselves. It will go away once they are out of their heat phase.

Concluding Reminders for Dog Owners

It’s best to pay attention to these signs mentioned above and become aware of what to do. Having a female dog stay away from male dogs will help prevent pregnancy. It’s also best for people to give their female dogs lots of love and attention while going through their heat cycles.